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Green & Chic ~ Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa, Atacama Desert, Chile

June 13, 2009

By Dian Hasan | June 12, 2009

hotel-tierra-atacama1Stunning landscapes deserve befitting abodes for the thirsty travelers who are drawn to travel far and wide to experience it up close. Such is the setting of the Atacama desert in Chile, and now there is a new hotel befitting such backdrop, with an architectural vocabulary that understands the precarious balance between nature, design and the needs of travelers. When you enter the new Tierra Atacama Hotel and Spa, this equation is felt immediately. A perfect ensemble!

Tierra Atacama_3046737156_47d88c0807
Tierra Atacama is located north of Atacama desert near the Licancabur volcano. Designed by Rodrigo Searle and Mathias Gonzales, this 32-room intimate boutique hotel is made of traditional building materials like stone, mud brick and rammed earth, which are perfect to protect the interior from the extreme desert weather conditions. Textile, fur and crafts are all handmade by local artisans. Uma Spa (water in Aymara language) follows the same principles, with spa treatments made with volcano mud, local herbs, essential oils and salts from Atacama desert.

Tierra Atacama_13254101

Tierra Atacama_outdoor_ww09_540
The restaurant serves Andean and Chilean-inspired cuisine with quinoa, vegetables and herbs from the hotel’s own garden and meat from the area.

hotel-tierra-atacama2Tierra Atacama is a sustainable project that is concerned about local development and water. The hotel’s own water comes from its own desalination plant, waste-water is recycled and reused to water the gardens. While irrigation system follows ancient techniques that help sustain the endemic flora.

Hotel Tierra Atacama-ResizeW482hotel-tierra-atacama3
It is clear to see that Tierra Atacama lives in harmony with its unique and fragile environment.



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