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Green & Chic ~ Alila Cha-Am, Thailand

June 19, 2009

By Dian Hasan | June 19, 2009

Alila Cha-Am_Thailand_5_star_high-end_boutique_stylish_adelto_interior_design_luxury_furniture_contemporary_modern_apartment_property_designer_hotel_thailand_asia_5Designed by one of Thailand’s leading architects, Duangrit Bunnag, Alila Cha-Am is a tropical getaway that defies convention. Likened to a geometric jewel box with a series of magical boxes through which you enter a world of refined hospitality of understated luxury. Set in the charming coastal town of Cha-Am, on the north west coast of the Gulf of Thailand, this luxurious beachside resort is designed to be a sophisticated and contemporary lifestyle destination.

From the grand entrance stairway to the rooftop reflecting pool, every detail is understated yet unforgettable. Horizon, garden terrace rooms and pool villas are conceived as personal retreats – spacious and elegant. Privacy is paramount, with intimate hideaways nestled amid sprawling lawns and azure pools.
Alila Cha-Am_Thailand_5_star_high-end_boutique_stylish_adelto_interior_design_luxury_furniture_contemporary_modern_apartment_property_designer_hotel_thailand_asia_1
Alila Cha-Am truly defines style from fine dining in Clouds Loft to Spa Alila and The Red – a cool hangout by day, hip bar by night. Whether chilling out in private or with company, Alila Cha-Am sets the mood for absolute relaxation.
Alila Cha-Am_Thailand_5_star_high-end_boutique_stylish_adelto_interior_design_luxury_furniture_contemporary_modern_apartment_property_designer_hotel_thailand_asia_3Alila Cha-Am_Thailand_5_star_high-end_boutique_stylish_adelto_interior_design_luxury_furniture_contemporary_modern_apartment_property_designer_hotel_thailand_asia_4Alila Cha-Am_Thailand_5_star_high-end_boutique_stylish_adelto_interior_design_luxury_furniture_contemporary_modern_apartment_property_designer_hotel_thailand_asia_2Alila Cha-Am_Thailand_5_star_high-end_boutique_stylish_adelto_interior_design_luxury_furniture_contemporary_modern_apartment_property_designer_hotel_thailand_asia

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