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Green & Chic ~ Casa Magna, Tulum, Mexico

June 21, 2009

By Dian Hasan | June 21, 2009

Casa Magna_Tulum_image_hotel_exterior_outside_1Proof that re-incarnations of hotels, or in this case, recuscitating a hotel from sure death, following the destruction of a hurricane and years of abandonment, is better the second time around. Casa Magna near the famous Mayan ruins of Tulum is a resort that came back to life as a truly eco-chic gem.

Casa Magna is an 8-bedroom house that has been refurbished as a small inn and is located 10 minutes down the beach from Amansala and approximately 60 miles from Cancun International Airport.
Casa Magna _Tulum_gallery31Casa Magna _Tulum_gallery16

Originally built by the Colombian drug king-pin Pablo Escobar, the house had been sitting abandoned for the past nine years. The attention to detail, views, and majestic size make this a unique place in Tulum. Casa Magna sits magnificently between the turquoise water, green tropical forests and jungles. Rich in history, our surroundings invite us to tour ancient Mayan ruins, swim along the world’s second longest reef or relax in a hammock swinging in the soft breeze.
Casa Magna _Tulum_gallery02Casa Magna _Tulum_gallery26
Rustic luxury and eco resort mean ocean breezes instead of air conditioning, soft glow of candles instead of neon lights, electricity from dusk till midnight and delicious, fresh simply prepared food.
Casa Magna_Tulum_CasaPic1
On-site amenities include dining, massage treatments, yoga, and direct beach access. The inn hosts Bikini Boot Camps and occasional yoga retreats. The home comes with housekeepers, a grounds keeper, and concierge service. There are four upstairs suites with king size beds, bathrooms, and lots of light and views. Two of the upstairs rooms have a small annex room with a double bed. Downstairs there are four rooms.
Casa Magna _Tulum_gallery08


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