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Green & Chic ~ Gayana Eco Resort, Sabah, Malaysia

July 6, 2009

By Dian Hasan | July 06, 2009

gayana-eco-resort-facade3A tranquil little island off the coast of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Eastern Malaysia, is home to a surprisingly pleasant eco resort. Gayana Eco Resort is located on Gaya Island in Maloham Bay within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine National Park in the Northern Part of Malaysia’s Borneo Island. A collection of 44 thatch-roof villas some of which built over the water on stilts, where the sound of ocean water lapping literally under your feet create a soothing atmosphere. Gayana recently underwent an extensive renovation to reposition the resort as a luxury hideaway, and the end result speaks for itself.

Other facilities at Gayana Eco Resort, a luxury Spa perched between the jungles edge, a seafood restaurant with live seafood, an Infinity pool that seems to blend with the ocean, a dive center and marine research centre.
Steps lead down from units facing the bay and literally bring the sea to your doorstep. A splash away lies a world to explore snorkelling or, with the on-site dive centre, a deeper underwater world.
Malohom Bay, a safe cove on the northern part of Gagayana Island where Gayana Eco Resort is nestled on the shore, is protected from adverse sea conditions and wind. The tranquil waters presents an opportunity to discover sea life, thanks to a nearby coral reef.
Gayana_35The resort recently sank 3 trawlers confiscated from wildlife poachers caught in Sabah’s waters. Metal frames were built around the boats, that were sunk to create artificial reefs, with the hope to create a safe haven to attract more marine life. Serving as a very interesting dive site indeed.
Gayana_02The resort’s mission is is to promote sustainable development and giving back to the environment. The Marine Ecological Research Centre is their most visible project providing a home to sick or injured sea creatures, as well as being an education facility for school groups and visitors.
Gayana_05Gayana Eco Resort is further involved in repopulating the bay with giant clams, which is said to have existed in abundance some years ago, but have since dwindled in numbers.
Gayana_08The repopulation programme ties in with another green effort of the resort, that of their advanced sewerage treatment facility. Combined with the environment-cleaning clams, the bay’s waters are now cleaner than it’s been in recent history.
Gayana_12Other environmental efforts include recyling water and composting bio-degradable waste. Best practicises involving smart water and energy usage are also observed.
Gayana_19Gayana_07Gayana Eco Resort makes it possible to enjoy luxury, comfort and tranquility with minimal impact on the environment. With relative ease of access, not far from Kota Kinabalu.


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