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Eco Rustic ~ Pulau Macan, Thousand Islands, Jakarta Bay, Indonesia

July 8, 2009

By Dian Hasan | July 08, 2009

Pulau Macan_Jkt_1Macan means tiger in Indonesian, and is also used to describe something magnificent, borrowing the qualities of the regal tiger. An apt way indeed to describe what is probably Jakarta’s best-kept secret, Pulau Macan (Tiger Island) Eco Resort. A tropical isle that would not look out of place in idyllic Maldives or Tahiti, sits on Jakarta’s doorstep, 1.5 hours away by speed boat.

Pulau Macan_Jkt_2
Pulau Macan is paradise on Jakarta’s doorstep. The natural environment is incredible; clear aquamarine waters, white sand beaches, colorful corals, playful fish, and lush greenery. The resort is cozy and has excellent service. The rooms have a very natural touch, with nice bathrooms. Bungalows dot the island with comfy cushions and delightful chill out music serenades guests at the main sundeck. Pulau Macan is owned and managed by Roderick des Tombes, an American who was born and raised in Indonesia.
Pulau Macan_Jkt_2APulau Macan_Jkt_3Pulau Macan_Jkt_1B
The food at the resort is fantastic, with a great blend of Indonesian and international dishes. Seafood is always the fisherman’s daily morning catch, guaranteed freshness. Vegetarians need not worry, as there is a selection of dishes for them as well.
Pulau Macan_Jkt_1A
For the laid-back customer who seeks a cozy atmosphere, great tropical setting, fantastic food, as well as the responsible conservation of nature, they’ve come to the right place.
Pulau Macan_Jkt_1303534823_2db5861cd4Pulau Macan_Jkt_3987766-bedroom_on_stilted_cabin-Pulau_Seribu
The reefs are well protected, literally just a few meters from the pier and the sundeck one can find an amazing variety of marine life. Purple crabs, clown fish and sea anemones, hard and soft corals, etc. The snorkeling is fantastic, and the resort has good gear for guests to use.
Pulau Macan_Jkt_3987768-view_from_the_sundeck_towards_the_deserted_island-Pulau_Seribu
Eco Features: The resort has recently upgraded its energy system to run on photovoltaic solar panels and plans to install a wind turbine. They have compost and recycling system that is used as fertilizer in the organic garden. The regularly clean trash from the seas and dispose of it properly. To conserve water, they have a water catchment system and recycle their tap and bathing water, after being filtered, to use for the gardens.
Pulau Macan_Jkt_2381748-The-islands-used-for-Shipwrecked-tiger-island-on-the-right--shark-island-on-the-left-0Pulau Macan_Jkt_3987770-pine_trees_of_the_sea_and_yellow_hard_corals-Pulau_Seribu
What to Expect: What to Expect: 45 nautical miles north of Jakarta, among the Thousand Islands in the deep-blue Java Sea, 2.5 acre Pulau Macan is a dreamy island oasis with an incredible coral seascape, which guests can enjoy up close from the expansive wooden deck at the clubhouse. Accommodations consist of 3 rustic but comfortable bungalows (2 rooms have air-conditioning).
Pulau Macan_Jkt_1306871559_a144b9bdb8Pulau Macan_Jkt_1306618427_5645dd40c8
What to Do: Rent a rowboat, flat-bottomed canoe, or rubber dinghy, and paddle 150 yards to a deserted island covered in palm trees. There, string up a hammock (the resort has plenty of them on hand), snorkel, or comb the white powdery beach for sand dollars.

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  1. Alexandra Pike permalink
    February 10, 2010 7:33 am

    Interested in booking 2 A/C rooms for 3 people April 1st -3rd 2010. Do you have space?

    • uniquetraveldestinations permalink*
      February 12, 2010 5:12 am

      Hi Alex, good to hear from you. Let me connect you directly with the Resort. I’ll have them respond to you directly. ok? ciao, dian


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