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Conservation Work in the Jungle: a Voluntourism trip idea (Part 2)

July 11, 2009

By Dian Hasan | July 10, 2009

Wild Asia may be your calling for an adventure of a lifetime. Photo: Wild Asia

Wild Asia may be your calling for an adventure of a lifetime. Photo: Wild Asia

If you’ve always dreamed of a much more meaningful travel experience, rather than simple sight-seeing, Voluntourism may be for you. The main difference is its engaging nature, deriving from the premise “to give is always more honorable than to take”, taking volunteers to unique travel destinations near and far, and partaking in good causes to make a difference in communities and natural environments. The following volunteering idea from Wild Asia may be of interest, as they are always in need of volunteers to help with their conservation efforts across Asia. And whether you are an audio-visual hobbyist, seasoned researcher, a budding scientist, or simply an adventure traveler with a big curiosity and an even bigger heart, Wild Asia would love to hear from you.

Volunteer and Make a Difference!

Volunteering programmes give you a chance to meet new people, expand networks and provide you with new and exciting experiences. Volunteer experiences are not just for the young, skilled volunteer placements are also available. Search our database for current and existing postings or vacancies for environmental, social or wildlife organizations that are of interest and find the one that suits you best.

Why Volunteer?

Donations and funds are the conventional ways of supporting a cause, but one might want to go beyond financial initiatives and actually get their hands dirty. It feels more rewarding when we are contributing actively; knowing that the blood, sweat and tears we have shed carry more meaning when mending our planet. The experiences we share, the people we meet, the fulfilment of our responsibilities, all contribute to a better understanding and a sense of connection to our surroundings and communities that will, we hope, guide you into a more informed and responsible human being.

Responsible Volunteering

One of the projects we will be working on will be to make sense of the volunteer tourism market today. We have seen an alarming rise in volunteer opportunities – some good, and some not so good. While we see volunteer holidays as a great way to do good in the world, it really does depend who you go with.

To learn more about volunteering opportunities contact Wild Asia.

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    A trip idea Sponsored creates and publishes a trip idea. Nature

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