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Eco-Chic ~ Casa Sandra, Isla Holbox, Yucatán, Mexico

July 13, 2009

By Dian Hasan | July 13, 2009

Casa Sandrar_Isla Holbox_Quintana Roo_MX_casa_sandra2The eco-perfect Casa Sandra, named after a Cuban-born writer and artist named Sandra Pérez, who has transformed a little strip of coast on Isla Holbox, just offshore from the Yucatán, into a pared-down, unpretentious, funky little beach resort. With a home-like setting, the resort is designed with just a dozen rooms and suites spread across a few low-rise structures affording spectacular sunset views over the sea.

Casa Sandrar_Isla Holbox_Quintana Roo_MX_casa_sandra2_400Casa Sandrar_Isla Holbox_Quintana Roo_MX_casa_sandra_400
The anti-thesis of a “design hotel,” where local artisan–made and antique furnishings add a unique flavor that connects with the idyllic island setting. Giving it a bohemian chic feel that fits well with the low-key relaxed ambience of the resort.
Casa Sandrar_Isla Holbox_Quintana Roo_MX_casa-sandraCasa Sandrar_Isla Holbox_Quintana Roo_MX_CasaSandra03
The rooms are comfortable, with fine linens and all the amenities you require on a beach vacation, as far away removed from the marble and gold-trimmed faux decor attributes that are commonly found at ultra-luxury boutique resorts.
Casa Sandrar_Isla Holbox_Quintana Roo_MX_casasandra_room02Casa Sandrar_Isla Holbox_Quintana Roo_MX_isla-holbox-16
This is a different kind of luxury, in the smallest details such as the beach with its grass-roofed palapas and the hammocks strewn about the property. Here bird-watching and shark-spotting tours (no worries, these are the friendly whale shark species, not to be confused with the more vicious types of sharks) are the rule of the day. Offering you a sedentary pace, in place of the all-too-common sight of noisy jet-skis and speedboats at other Mexican resorts.
Casa Sandrar_Isla Holbox_Quintana Roo_MX_Isla HolboxCasa Sandrar_Isla Holbox_Quintana Roo_MX_01_Isla_HolBox_Quintana_Roo
As for nightlife, the resort’s charming little restaurant and pool bar does its share to add the magic to this beach-side island setting.


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