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Sleek & Chic ~ Deseo, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

July 17, 2009

Deseo_Playa del Carmen_MX_deseodesignhotels5_4In yet another attempt to create a modern Mexican sophistication, the creators of the super-stylish Habita Hotel in Mexico City have shifted their attention to Yucatan peninsula, with their brand of chic. In a short span of time, Grupo Habita, has catapulted into Mexico’s most progressive and cutting edge hoteliers. The Mayan Riviera, long attracting travelers for her stunning archeological ruins and scuba diving, now has the ultimate destination for relaxation, Deseo, comfortably nestled on Playa del Carmen’s hip Quinta Avenida, sandwiched between the touristic Cancun to the North, and the sedentary coast of Riviera Maya to the South.

Deseo_Playa del Carmen_MX_deseo-hotel-7Deseo_Playa del Carmen_MX_image_hotel_exterior_outside_2

Whilst resolutely modern, Deseo attempts to maintain the charm of old fishing villages along the Caribbean coast. Deseo incorporates key elements of contemporary lifestyle. Open-air lounges, sea breeze and well-prepared dishes can be enjoyed in a refined atmosphere. The cocktails and the sounds of the best DJs from around the world will intoxicate you into a soothing state of mind.
Deseo_Playa del Carmen_MX_deseo-hotel-1Deseo_Playa del Carmen_MX_MX061_overview1

Source: Unique Travel Destinations

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