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A hip sanctuary in fast-paced Mexico City

July 24, 2009

distrito capital_DF_MX_distrito_capital_hotel_mexico_city_yatzer_15

Good taste is universal, omnipresent, and can come from anywhere. It’s not a monopoly of a few style-inclined countries, nor the exclusive domain of a handful of brilliant design minds. Mexico’s most gifted hoteliers, Grupo Habita, are one such bunch. Recognized for their knack of imbuing cool and hipness to hotels across Mexico, Grupo Habita proudly present their latest jewel, their 8th, Distrito Capital.

distrito capital_DF_MX_distrito_capital_hotel_mexico_city_yatzer_7distrito_capital_hotel_mexico_city_yatzer_3distrito capital_DF_MX_distrito_capital_hotel_mexico_city_yatzer_20distrito capital_DF_MX_distrito_capital_hotel_mexico_city_yatzer_11distrito capital_DF_MX_distrito_capital_hotel_mexico_city_yatzer_18distrito capital_DF_MX_distrito_capital_hotel_mexico_city_yatzer_2distrito capital_DF_MX_distrito_capital_hotel_mexico_city_yatzer_1
In Mexico City’s modern business area of Santa Fe, Distrito Capital brings one of the world’s greatest metropolises to the forefront of hotel design. Grupo Habita once again extends its signature chic and outstanding service to Mexican hospitality.
distrito capital_DF_MX_distrito_capital_hotel_mexico_city_yatzer_21distrito capital_DF_MX_distrito_capital_hotel_mexico_city_yatzer_17distrito capital_DF_MX_distrito_capital_hotel_mexico_city_yatzer_10distrito capital_DF_MX_distrito_capital_hotel_mexico_city_yatzer_16
An intimate take on the city’s dramatic natural setting, Distrito Capital was conceived along the same philosophy that distinguishes Grupo Habita from other hoteliers – no two properties will be alike. The urban cool environment was designed with design and comfort in mind, coming from the able hands of Parisian Joseph Dirand. Leaving no leaf unturned, from the most prominent vintage furnishings to details like John Pawson’s cutlery, to the smallest details ~ in-room amenities from Acqua di Parma. In all spaces, rigorous horizontals and verticals are enhanced by modern furnishings courtesy of Platt, Hansen and Aalto among others.
distrito capital_DF_MX_distrito_capital_hotel_mexico_city_yatzer_4distrito capital_DF_MX_distrito_capital_hotel_mexico_city_yatzer_9

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