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Sleek & Chic ~ Dune, Hua Hin, Thailand

August 1, 2009

The Dune Boutique Hotel_Hua Hin_TH_Photo_Martin Nicholas_dune017mk_x

You know how these things go. The hip destination of the moment is the one with the right blend of natural appeal, geographic accessibility, and exclusivity — the place that’s edgier than the established destinations (read in this case Bangkok or Phuket) but that draws enough traffic to support some kind of infrastructure (meaning not, say, Antarctica, or the island from Lost). As of right now, Thailand’s destination of the moment is Hua Hin — and a good look at a hotel like Dune should go a long way towards explaining why.

Dune Hua Hin
Even calling it a hotel feels like a bit of a stretch. It’s just four rooms and one suite, a little compound by the beach. All the hotel necessities are here, just in miniature: a little rooftop pool, lined with loungers, with a view of the sea; an exquisitely furnished rooftop bar and restaurant; and if not a sprawling spa complex, then spa services at least, available in the privacy of your room.
The Dune Boutique Hotel_Hua Hin_TH_rate00The Dune Boutique Hotel_Hua Hin_TH_Photo_Martin Nicholas_dune050mk_xThe Dune Boutique Hotel_Hua Hin_TH_Photo_Martin Nicholas_dune046mk_x
Which will be a stylish one, no matter which one you pick. Furnishings are sleek and modern, and more than a little luxurious — each comes with a daybed, some on private balconies. They’re fully equipped with everything from iPod docks to LCD televisions, and the bathrooms, with massaging shower heads and top-shelf bath products, are the kind you feel like you need a spa appointment to use. It’s pretty much the antithesis of the overcooked Phuket resort experience, for example — if you want to see how Thailand’s staying at the top of the tourism game, look no further.
The Dune Boutique Hotel_Hua Hin_TH_photos00The Dune Boutique Hotel_Hua Hin_TH_Photo_Martin Nicholas_dune006mk_xThe Dune Boutique Hotel_Hua Hin_TH_Photo_Martin Nicholas_dune017mk_xThe Dune Boutique Hotel_Hua Hin_TH_pg_thailand6_gallery__271x400,0-600x400The Dune Boutique Hotel_Hua Hin_TH_Photo_Martin Nicholas_dune002mk_xThe Dune Boutique Hotel_Hua Hin_TH_04_dune-hua-hinThe Dune Boutique Hotel_Hua Hin_TH_getpic.php

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