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URBN Shanghai ~ carbon neutral eco-luxury enters China

August 13, 2009

By Dian Hasan | August 13, 2009

URBN Shanghai_CHINA_2808096

Shanghai’s newest hotel, URBN, is also among its smallest (26 rooms). But what it lacks in size, it makes up in its mission: as the first carbon-neutral hotel in China. URBN hopes to start a new trend of introducing eco practices in luxury lodging. Judging from the sleek look of this boutique hotel, being eco-luxury is certainly a good thing.

URBN Shanghai_CHINA_urbn-hotel-design-ecolo7URBN Shanghai_CHINA_urbn-hotel-design-ecolo6URBN Shanghai_CHINA_urbn-hotel-design-ecolo5
Occupying a former 1970s post office building from, the URBN hotel features interiors crafted using recycled and locally sourced materials. In addition, passive solar shades and water based air-conditioning systems are eco-friendly solutions that have been introduced on-site.
URBN Shanghai_CHINA_urbn-hotel-design-ecolo2-300x201URBN Shanghai_CHINA_urbn-hotel-design-ecolo
URBN plans to neutralize the hotel’s carbon footprint by carefully tracking energy consumption to calculate carbon emissions, and then investing accordingly in projects that focus on green technology and emission reduction in China.
URBN Shanghai_CHINA_image-20080328-mt1e0wgydeonup1u2jpr_t_h480URBN Shanghai_CHINA_0000022511_listing_11279451
The hotel also promises to offer a more unique experience than the usual hotel stay, with localized tai chi and yoga classes, in-room beauty treatment and health therapies like acupuncture and reflexology, biking and walking tours of the French Concession district, basic Mandarin lessons and Chinese cooking classes.

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