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The Future of Spa? Fish helping you exfoliate?

August 15, 2009

Fish Spa_Kenko SG_img_7547

Talk about innovation, with a little help from our scaly friends. A definite piranha scary moment, in a deliberate attempt to let the fish nibble away dead skin cells. A skin pealing technique of sorts. All in the name of wellness… or is it mere vanity? Regardless of what you think about this technique being rather off putting, it seems to be effective, judging from one spa in Singapore that seems to be doing brisk business – promoting it as FISH SPA – adapting the original idea from Taiwan, and branching out across South East Asia.

Fish Spa_Kenko SG_DSC00363Fish Spa_Kenko SGSo how exactly does this work?
The fish species are called Garra Rufa, and they come all the way from a hot spring near Kangal in Turkey where they were first discovered for their healing power. They are popularly referred to as “Doctor Fish” as these fish help ease the symptoms of those suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.


Fish Spa_Kenko SG_fish_spa2Fish SpaThey actually nibble away your scaly and dead skin, leaving your skin smooth and glowing,” The fish are only interested in your dead skin, and will leave your healthy skin untouched.






Fish Spa_cosmeticfishFish Spa_402566What’s interesting is that children, who obviously have young skin and therefore way less dead skin cells, seldom attract a large school of fish, while adults are generally more attractive to the Garra Rufas as always have dead skin the fish can chew on.

As expected most people opt to treat their feet, considered to be the “safest”. The only set back? You could laugh throughout your session, if you’re a ticklish type. And as you graduate to the next level, some people take a full plunge, while others focus on their face only. I wouldn’t focus on any of my body part, thank you!

Interested in the franchise, perhaps? Contact It is true after all, when they say “one’s man’s trash (or dead skin, for this matter) is another man’s treasure”! I just didn’t expect it to involve smelly feet, dead skin cells and a school of fish whose name sound like a Norwegian Hardcore Metal Band!!

Source: Dian Hasan’s “Ideas Inspiring Innovation”

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