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Extreme Urban Sports ~ River Surfing in Munich

August 18, 2009

By Dian Hasan | August 17, 2009

River Surfing_Munich_GERMANY_www.wayfaring.com_surfing-in-munich2

What people would do for fun these days is absolutely amazing! One could argue that with prosperity comes creativity to kill time with all the extra time one has on their hands. For those who have sampled the joys of surfing, it seems that no amount of four seasons, urban setting, and 10,000 miles distance from a Southern Californian or Sydney Beach would dissuade adventure seekers from the thrills of wave riding. For Munich, home of BMW, has found a new alternative for adrenaline junkies, other than pressing the pedal of a Beemer: River Surfing.

River Surfing_Munich_GERMANY_www.wayfaring.com_surfing-in-munich4

River surfing in Munich, Germany.  Photo: flickr member Douglasspics

River surfing in Munich, Germany. Photo: flickr member Douglasspics

Outside the Haus der Kunst Museum in Munich, Germany lies a canal that has become a popular surfing spot for adventure seekers. The rapids supply local surfing buffs with ample waves to ensure their sharp surfing skills throughout the harsh European winter months.
River Surfing_Munich_GERMANY_www.wayfaring.com_surfing-in-munich1
It’s only one man at a time at the surfing hob, so future enthusiasts should be waiting. It’s good clean fun, and these German “urban” surfers need not worry about Shark attacks. It’s more likely that they’ll be competing for these waves with Salmon jumping upstream! Or so it seems.
River Surfing_Munich_GERMANY_www.wayfaring.com_surfing-in-munich2
Source of inspiration: wayfaring

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