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Sleek & Chic ~ Loisium Wine & Spa Resort, Langenlois, Austria

August 18, 2009

Loisium Wine & Spa Resort_Langenlois_AUSTRIA_loisium_hotel2

Loisium Wine & Spa Resort is built on a gently south-sloping vineyard, located in the picturesque town of Langenlois, Austria. Comprising three separate components: the existing vaults, the Wine Center, and the Loisium Hotel & Spa Resort.

Loisium Wine & Spa Resort_Langenlois_AUSTRIA_loisium_hotel1


The Loisium Hotel Wine & Spa Resort offers a variety of activities and room types. Public functions include: a lobby, a wine themed restaurant, bar, cigar lounge, conference and meeting facilities. The wellness and spa area are located on the ground floor with views open to the surrounding vineyard.
Loisium Wine & Spa Resort_Langenlois_AUSTRIA_loisium_hotel3
The hotel has 82 guest rooms, located in two upper floors, but the ground floor is transparent and open, the upper floors are more private.
Loisium Wine & Spa Resort_Langenlois_AUSTRIA_loisium_hotel4
On the lowest level of the building, guests can visit a wine bar, a multi-purpose area and a shop with local products and interesting books.
Loisium Wine & Spa Resort_Langenlois_AUSTRIA_loisium_hotel5Loisium Wine & Spa Resort_Langenlois_AUSTRIA_loisium_hotel2
The Wine Center is made to create a rich geometry of the place. Upon entering, the visitor perceives a wonderful volume of space and steps out to the vineyard and past a café. A foot path leads to a spectacular pool.
Loisium Wine & Spa Resort_Langenlois_AUSTRIA_loisium_hotel6


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