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Stunning Stalagtites & Stalagmites ~ Jeita Grotto, Lebanon

August 18, 2009

Jeita Grotto_LEBANON_jeita13

Jeita Grotto, is located some 20 kilometers along the highway North of Beirut, a large sign indicates the right turn from Zouk Mickael village, just beyond the tunnel. The caverns are on two levels. The lower galleries, discovered in 1836 and opened to the public in 1958, are visited by boat. The upper galleries, opened in January 1969, can be seen on foot.

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The caves feature many stalactites and stalagmites and a river runs through the lower cave. Much of the caves are underwater. Geologically, the caves provide a tunnel or escape route for the underground river, which is the principal source of the Dog River. Both the 600-meter boat trip on a subterranean lake is only a sampling of the system that has been explored for almost 6,910 meters.
Jeita Grotto_LEBANON_jeita
Jeita Grotto, a mysterious network of underground caves, is a unique treasure. Visitors can see the natural formations of crystallized water in the lower grotto up-close by riding on boats that easily navigate the maze-like space. In summer you can visit both the upper and lower galleries while enjoying the refreshingly cool temperature inside the caves. The lower section is sometimes closed in winter when the water-level is high, but the extensive upper galleries are open all year.

Over the last three decades Galerie G. Chahwan has successfully established a reputation in the Middle East and Europe as a premier designer and manufacturer of fine furniture. The aims are set now towards achieving a much- deserved international recognition.
Jeita Grotto_LEBANON_jeita13
Nature has gifted Lebanon with wonders that dazzle your eyes and revive your spirit and its most magnificent are the Grottoes of Jeita, one of the most impressive pure limestone caves in the world. Jeita Grottoes never fail to delight and astonish everyone as they carry you to a mystical world full of natural charm and excitement. There you will discover the mystery of the caves with the stalactites and the stalagmites that are characterized by a great sense of shapes and forms sculpted only by the magic hands of nature. In no other part of the Orient can such richness and diversity of natural splendor and fascination be found as in the caves of Jeita.

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