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Eco Rustic ~ Gangga Island Resort & Spa, Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

August 20, 2009

By Dian Hasan | August 20, 2009

Gangga Island Resort-MANADO-INS-resortview01

The waters around Manado, North Sulawesi, have drawn the world’s avid divers for decades. And especially its crown jewel, Bunaken Island, for her underwater splendor. As tourism continues to grow apace, better accommodations become available. Such as the Gangga Island Resort & Spa. The resort’s 15 rustic bungalows are discreetly set on the edge of a long, white sandy beach in the shade of coconut trees, on the small Gangga Island, just off the coast of Manado. The resort is commendable for its conservation efforts, with their Turtle Release Program that is organized with the help of Bali-based Turtle Unlimited.

Gangga Island Resort-MANADO-INS-honeymoon01Gangga Island Resort-MANADO-INS-photo Frank Montanaro-bungalow05Gangga Island Resort-MANADO-INS-map_indonesiaGangga Island Resort-MANADO-INS-map_ganggaGangga Island Resort-MANADO-INS-diving02
An unparalleled scuba diving experience awaits at Gangga! Gangga offers sensational diving where you can get up close and personal with diverse and remarkable sea life from both the Indian and the Pacific Oceans. The resort is an ideal starting point for the diving sites of Bangka Island, Bunaken National Marine Park and Lembeh Strait, making it a favorite destination for underwater photographers.
Gangga Island Resort-MANADO-INS-beach01
For divers and non-divers alike, the picturesque white sandy beach, large salt-water pool, will ensure a relaxing stay, after taking in the beauty of the underwater coral gardens.
Gangga Island Resort-MANADO-INS-spa01Gangga Island Resort-MANADO-INS-spa02Gangga Island Resort-MANADO-INS-Gangga032



For further pampering, Gangga’s Pasung Spa offers a host of traditional and modern wellness treatments.

Gangga Island Resort-MANADO-INS-turtles03

Marine turtle conservation efforts through the help of Turtle Unlimited

Gangga Island Resort-MANADO-INS-turtles08

Conservation efforts start in the classroom of local schools.

Gangga Island Resort-MANADO-INS-turtles06

Children best appreciate partaking in nature-based outdoor activities.

The Resort is well aware of the plight of marine turtles in North Sulawesi and the archipelago of Gangga/Bangka Islands. The extinction possibility for these beautiful creatures is a sad reality, and to address this environmental issue Gangga has joined forces with Turtle Unlimited, a group of nature lovers whose main aim is to re-populate turtles along Bali’s coastline. Such programs will only add to the positive image of North Sulawesi as a world-class diving destination.

Releasing marine turtles back to their native habitat.

Releasing marine turtles back to their native habitat.

It takes a village. Marine turtle conservation efforts endorsed by Gangga Island Resort

It takes a village. Marine turtle conservation efforts endorsed by Gangga Island Resort

In no way will we ever interfere in the traditions, the culture or religion of the indigenous and local populations. As with all our undertakings, it is always our determination to foster the very best relations with the government, local authorities, and the community.
Gangga Island Resort-MANADO-INS-diving01
Gangga Diver’s PADI Five Star Dive Center is run by International dive instructors. Qualified guides and dive masters pride themselves in offering very personalized diving service to suit and divers of all levels of experience. The dive center provides racks for each room to store equipment and has toilet and shower facilities with hot water- perfect for after those night dives.
Gangga Island Resort-MANADO-INS-resortview01
With its more than 30 world-class diving locations, the island offers a wonderful variety of marine life with rare species and pristine reefs. Gangga is the ideal starting point for diving the Bangka Archipelago, Bunaken National Marine Park (near Manado) and Lembeh Strait. During your stay, the dive guides will help you discover the marvelous underwater world and see the astonishingly rich variety of flora and fauna which delights underwater photographers. Scientists of marine biology from all over the world come to study and photograph the marine life found here.

Exploring the underwater wonders in the area. Photo: Frank Montanaro

Exploring the underwater wonders in the area. Photo: Frank Montanaro

Gangga Divers has 5 wooden boats specifically built for diving, three with onboard toilets, all with easy on and off access. The engine power ranges from 80 plus horsepower to 360 plus. The staff on the boats is trained to anticipate all your diving needs. Each boat is also full stocked with towels, freshwater tanks for cameras, drinking water, hot drinks and snacks.

Gangga Island Resort accommodates PADI scuba divers from across the world. Photo: Frank Montanaro

Gangga Island Resort accommodates PADI scuba divers from across the world. Photo: Frank Montanaro

Gangga Divers also has a regulator service room and three of the guides have diplomas for repairing and maintaining Scuba Pro and Aqualung regulators.
Gangga Island Resort-MANADO-INS-SPAviewGangga Island Resort-MANADO-INS-P9191475.JPG
Being a member of the North Sulawesi Watersports Association (NSWA), Gangga Island Resort is committed to protecting the local reefs and is involved in conservation and development projects aimed at helping the local communities create sustainable tourism activities.

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    eksotik places in Indonesia.
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