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Escape to your own Fantasy Island ~ Kura Kura Resort, Karimunjawa Islands, Central Java, Indonesia

August 20, 2009

By Dian Hasan | August 20, 2009

Kura Kura Resort-Karimunjawa Islands-INS-image13

Shipwreck dives, idyllic tropical isles, where the only footprints on the sandy beach are your own, hardly another soul in sight… these may sound like a travel brochure jargon. But they’re not. Welcome to your private Fantasy Island! This experience awaits at what is probably Indonesia’s least known group of islands, Karimunjawa. The newly redesigned Kura Kura Resort may change all this, and put the islands on the map.

The resort is situated between Java and Borneo (Kalimantan), just off coast of the Central Java provincial capital of Semarang. Karimunjawa Archipelago is a designated National Marine Park comprising 27 islands that Robinson Crusoe would instantly relate to.
Kura Kura Resort-Karimunjawa-INS-fKura Kura Resort-Karimunjawa-INS-kura-kura-resort
Designated as a national marine park, Karimunjawa is a chain of 27 of many small islands. These include Karimunjawa Island, Kemujan Island, Menjangan Besar Island, and Menjangan Kecil Island. Practically all of Karimunjawa Islands are sand beaches, with the exception of Kemojan Islands, where you’ll find mangrove beaches. Visitors to the Karimun Jawa islands, located some 50 miles north of Semarang, can also enjoy sunbathing or fishing. The area is famous as a haven for anglers because of its many fish.

Karimunjawa-photo flickr member Vayastri-tanjung-gelam-karimunjawa-central-java

Tanjung Gelam beach, Karimunjawa Archipelago. Photo: flickr member Vayastri

Kura Kura Resort-Karimunjawa Islands-INS-gethere
What is great for travellers is that most of the islands are untouched, remote and beautiful. Only four of the islands are inhabited and one island is owned privately and has been turned into a holiday retreat.
Kura Kura Resort-Karimunjawa Islands-INS-1
Kura Kura Resort re-opened its doors in June 2008 and is under new ownership and management team, after 7 months of renovations that have upgraded the property by enhancing the natural beauty of the island, with a passion for authenticity and attention to the smallest details. Kura Kura means turtle in the Indonesian language.
Kura Kura Resort-Karimunjawa Islands-INS-image15Kura Kura-Karimunjawa-INS-introKura Kura Resort-Karimunjawa Islands-INS-image14Kura Kura Resort-Karimunjawa Islands-INS-image3Kura Kura Resort-Karimunjawa Islands-INS-image5
There’s a definite Bali feel to the resort, which now features 21 spacious and luxurious Pool Villas (320 sq mt) including 2 family Pool Villas (600 sq mt) settled among the beautiful Royal palm trees. Every Pool Villa has been designed with full respect for nature, embracing the influence of an Indonesian Villa concept, together with the blend of contemporary and elegant style.Karimunjawa-Reef Beach-photo flickr member Vayastra-3342883559_9df82f69bfKarimunjawa-photo
Fly in to your own Fantasy Island. Your captain awaits.

Fly in to your own Fantasy Island. Your captain awaits.

How to get to Kura Kura Resort?
There are regularly scheduled flights from Semarang International airport to Karimunjawa. For special charters to Kura Kura on non-scheduled flight days, to or from other destinations, please contact Kura Kura Aviation direction for quotation. Public fast-ferry departs from Semarang every Saturday for Karimunjawa and returns to Semarang every Sunday, so this is another option if you prefer.

Semarang International Airport is accessed daily from/to Jakarta and 4 times a week from/to Singapore. There are also options for easily accessing Karimunjawa from other international airports in Central Java.
Kura Kura Resort-Karimunjawa Islands-INS-image12Kura Kura Resort-Karimunjawa Islands-INS-image7

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