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A heavenly resort in azure waters ~ Diva, The Maldives

August 21, 2009

The Diva-MALDIVES-7-div_thediva1

The Maldives is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and crystal-clear blue seas, and the ultra luxe Diva Resort is indeed a sexy resort to sample the natural beauty of this archipelago. The tranquil location, set on its own private island, seems to be eons away from the daily realities of urban life. With its own lagoon, it’s a haven for swimming and snorkeling. The tropical Malidivian archipelago, with its melange of islands and atolls are also known for its marine diversity. The Diva is only an hour away from some of the top dive spots in the world. Witnessing 20-feet whale shark is a simple daily sight.

The Diva-Maldives-div_aerial_3The Diva-MALDIVES-diva_accueilThe Diva-MALDIVES-2-div_senses56The Diva-MALDIVES-4-div_veli27The Diva-MALDIVES-5-divasenses68The Diva-MALDIVES-6-div_senses25The Diva-MALDIVES-8-div_senses_59The Diva-MALDIVES-9-div_senses_14The Diva-MALDIVES-14-div_divavilla8
The Diva-MALDIVES-3-div_spa43
Guests have the option of staying in water-based villas based spread across the lagoon, with stairways descending directly into the water, allowing you to dive whenever you wish. The villas handsomely appointed with the best of materials from all corners of the world, without forgoing local materials in keeping with an identity that place-specific.
The Diva-MALDIVES-10-div_senses21The Diva-MALDIVES-11-div_beach_hammock_2The Diva-MALDIVES-12-div_beach10The Diva-MALDIVES-15-div_senses50The Diva-MALDIVES-16-_mg_1624
Local Maldivian wood flooring, Egyptian cotton sheets and Pierre Frey fabrics from Paris, give the bedrooms a warm and luxurious feel. The décor takes cues from the color of lagoon, with hints of turquoise and shades of beige and ochre.
The Diva-MALDIVES-17-div_watervilla39The Diva-MALDIVES-18-div_beachpool18
The resort’s restaurants offer a wide range of fine cuisine, from local delicacies to international flavors, with 24-hour room service also on offer for those wishing to relax in their luxury villas.
The Diva-MALDIVES-7-div_thediva1
For couples wishing to tie the knot in an exotic location, Diva offers an idyllic setting for weddings and honeymoons, with planners available to take care of everything for you, and make the day memorable and perfect.

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