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Eco Rustic ~ Ocho Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico

August 21, 2009

By Dian Hasan | August 20, 2009

Ocho Tulum-MX-i5527

Yoga Retreat, Spa Haven, and Kite-Surfing School. These three distinctively different activities all vie for your attention while on vacation at the delightful Ocho Tulum Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Under the shadows of the ruins of Mayan temples (the ruins complex is in close proximity), this boutique eco-resort exudes harmony and peace from the moment that you enter off the beach road.

Ocho Tulum-MX-i5533
Ocho Tulum-MX-IMG_0540
The beach that sits in front of the restaurant is dotted with comfortable lounge beds that call your name the moment you see them. Resting beneath perfect palm trees staring at the variety of blues that spread throughout the water is a sight that will calm and easy you. The sand at this Tulum beach hotel is soft and clear and the waves lap gently on the shore.
Ocho Tulum-MX-tulum
While staying at this hotel on Tulum beach guests have access to exciting water activities such as snorkeling, kayaks, kite boarding and more are sure to keep you busy exploring the crystal waters of the Caribbean.
Ocho Tulum-MX-YOGA-classesOcho Tulum-MX-SPA-MG_5564
Ocho Tulum-MX-SPA_MG_5649Ocho Tulum-MX-SPA_MG_5607
For those who prefer to sit back and relax the variety of Spa treatments offered here are this Tulum beach hotel with restore your tired body and invigorate your mind. The small intimate palapa that is the spa is loaded with calming candles, wonderful scents as well as lotions and potions to ease the most stressed of patrons. The yoga studio is large and bright and features shoji style screens that allow a lot of light and can be adjusted to let the breeze in.
Ocho Tulum-MX-i5483Ocho Tulum-MX_ROOMS-MG_5418Ocho Tulum-MX_ROOMS-MG_5426Ocho Tulum-MX_ROOMS-MG_3726Ocho Tulum-MX_ROOMS-MG_5497
The rooms at this Tulum Beach hotel are large, clean and constructed and decorated with organic materials.The simply and classy wood furniture and the bed canopy exude romance, calm and a harmony with nature that reflects the entire attitude of this amazing Tulum beach hotel.
Ocho Tulum-MX-i5471Ocho Tulum-MX-i5448
The constant flow of air off the water cools the room and kisses the skin with a light breeze.

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