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Learn to Kite Surf one day and… explore Mayan ruins the next. Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico

August 21, 2009

By Dian Hasan | August 20, 2009

Tulum Kiteboarding School-by Mexio Kan Tours-MX-photo Christine Montevideo-aa

Kite-Surfing in Tulum. Photo: Christine Montevideo

The lure of the beach, coupled with perennial sunshine, and the crash of waves, are all forever etched in any traveler’s mind as the perfect getaway for relaxation. The beach of course can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways. Romantic walks to enjoy the sunset, family affair of building sandcastles, as well as adrenaline-charged kite-surfing, all take place on the beach. The latter, kite-surfing, is the fastest growing water sports, and travelers are finding new exotic locales to pursue this new-found hobby. Any room for beginners, you may ask? Head to Mexico’s Tulum, just south of Riviera Maya for some kite-surfing lessons with Tulum Kiteboarding School, and afterwards get your fix for Mayan temple ruins.

Tulum Kiteboarding School-by Mexio Kan Tours-MX-kiteschool
Mexico Kan Tours-Kite Surf-kite_tulum
From November through June, the wind season offers great conditions for all kitesurfers, especially for beginners. Wetsuits not required, as the water temperature is just perfect on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. The school is part of the Ocho Tulum Eco-Resort.
Kite Surfing-Photos Kite surfing Tulum 2005
You will be the capable hands of an IKO-certified instructor (that’s International Kite-Boarding Organization to the novice!) that has 8-years experience, who will safely teach you the basics of kitesurfing.
Kite Surfing-Photos Kite surfing Tulum 2005 Kite surfing Tulum 2005 Surfing-Photos Kite surfing Tulum 2005


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