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A Thai resort in Technicolor ~ Indigo Pearl, Phuket, Thailand

August 21, 2009

Indigo Pearl_Phuket_TH_PearlLobby_gallery__470x352

The liberal use of color separates Indigo Pearl from other Thai resorts. A traditional Thai structure greets you at the entrance, but once you step into the lobby, the scene is anything but traditional. A boutique hotel forged from the remnants of a century-old tin mine — and thanks to the efforts of the interior designer Bill Bensley, the look is akin to industrial cool. As luxury-spa-villa fatigue begins to set in, a new take on the old familiar Phuket is more than welcome.

Indigo Pearl-Phuket-TH-hcom_1559047_56_bIndigo Pearl-Phuket-TH-fac-lobbyIndigo Pearl_Phuket_TH_Captain_Miles_Suite_9_gallery__350x400Indigo Pearl_Phuket_TH_hotel_indigo-pearl-02Indigo Pearl_Phuket_TH_Private_Pool_Pavilion_19_gallery__470x352Indigo Pearl_Phuket_TH_Plantation_VillaOutdoorBath_3_17_gallery__470x314Indigo Pearl-Phuket-TH-98_indigo_f
Indigo Pearl mixes exposed beams, blackened metals, polished concrete, and extremely unpolished plumbing fixtures with such familiar gestures as Thai silks and rattan furnishings, and the result is something different indeed. Six different room grades are available, each with all mod cons (high-speed internet, satellite TV, air conditioning), from the humble Kelly Quarters to the self-explanatory Private Pool Pavilions on up to the Pearl Shells, huge one- or two-bedroom villas with options including pools, jacuzzis, saunas or personal massage tables.
Indigo Pearl_Phuket_TH_PearlLobby_gallery__470x352Indigo Pearl-Phuket-TH-IndigoPearlTongkha_Tin
Indigo Pearl-Phuket-TH-indigo-pearl_26342
A wide array of on-site bars and restaurants leaves guests spoiled for choice, a blessing, as the location just off Nai Yang Beach is a good half hour from the island’s more built-up areas. That’s the price you pay for a little seclusion, itself no small luxury in today’s Phuket.
Indigo Pearl-Phuket-TH-phuket_hotel_001pIndigo Pearl-Phuket-TH-indigo_pearl_cgIndigo Pearl-Phuket-TH-Indigo Pearl - Spa Entrance 01_jIndigo Pearl-Phuket-TH-spa00Indigo Pearl-Phuket-TH-indigo_pearl_bclubIndigo Pearl-Phuket-TH-7540498

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