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Sleek & Chic afloat ~ Silolona Pinisi Schooner, in pursuit of Dragons

August 25, 2009

By Dian Hasan | August 24, 2009

Silolona Phinisi_1_6a00d8341f5c9853ef00e54f73f7a48833-800wi

It is a well-known fact that Indonesia is blessed with exquisite craftsmanship. One need look no further than the Balinese with their rich arts and crafts traditions which stem from their Hindu-based culture, where even the simple daily pandan leaf offering to the Gods is an intricate exercise in craftsmanship and aesthetics. Indonesia’s other islands are just as artistically talented, although perhaps not as deeply entrenched within their daily life as the Balinese. As the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia has a rich shipbuilding tradition, and its affinity to the sea is a given. The Bugis of South Sulawesi are world-renowned for their handcrafted majestic Phinisi (or Pinisi) Schooner sailboats, with which the seafaring Buginese have traded across the waters of Southeast Asia, Australia and even as far as Madagascar for centuries. Silolona, is modern-day luxe version.

Silolona Phinisi_silolona-l
Silolona Phinisi_silolona
In the context of modern tourism, the Pinisi has been the vessel of choice to experience eastern Indonesia’s islands, notably to see the world-famous Komodo Dragon (Varanus Komodoensis), giant monitor lizard, that many would swear are the last dinosaurs roaming the earth. Komodo Dragons are exclusively found only on Komodo Island, east of Bali, near the Island of Flores.
Silolona Phinisi_7_6a00d8341f5c9853ef00e54f87fe7e8834-800wi
The Silolona is one such vessel. And one exceptional sailing beauty at that. Fitted out to the nines to accommodate the most discerning of international adventurers. Who are intrigued by the promise of some of the most pristine natural sights, both above water and underwater, in the world.
Silolona Phinisi_6_6a00d8341f5c9853ef00e54f87f8de8834-800wiSilolona Phinisi_5_6a00d8341f5c9853ef00e54f7408458833-800wi
The Silolona is a 50-meter wooden schooner done in the renowned teak hard wood, decorated with tasteful artifacts and tribal arts, most of which come from eastern part of Indonesia acquired throughout SIlolona’s route.
Silolona Phinisi_3_6a00d8341f5c9853ef00e54f87fd318834-800wiSilolona Phinisi_2_6a00d8341f5c9853ef00e54f7403748833-800wi
Cruise the East Indonesian Islands for a truly unique travel experience. Greet the day with a freshly brewed Java (the real deal) while you witness yet another new island landscape and experience a different culture. While a gently smoldering volcano and the craggy peaks of Komodo or a sleepy native harbor bustling with traditional fishing boats, provide the perfect backdrop.
Silolona Phinisi_1_6a00d8341f5c9853ef00e54f73f7a48833-800wiSilolona-INS-Aft-deck
Whichever activity you fancy, whether beach walks, cultural immersion, diving and snorkeling, or simply lounging on Silolona’s fine deck sipping your Arak-based (Balinese rice wine) Cocktail.

Komodo Island, East of Bali near Flores Island, the lair of the Komodo Dragon (Varanus Komodoensis)

Komodo Island, East of Bali near Flores Island, the lair of the Komodo Dragon (Varanus Komodoensis)

Silolona sailing the Andaman Sea, in Pha Nga Bay

Silolona sailing the Andaman Sea, in Pha Nga Bay

Silolona offers luxury yacht charters for sailing in Indonesia from April to November every year, before going up to the West Coast of Malaysia and Thailand and up to Myanmar, from December to March for more luxury cruises.

A fully equipped Dive Center for all the Scuba aficionados

A fully equipped Dive Center for all the Scuba aficionados

With the wide choice of sailing destinations, travelers can choose to have a quiet beach and luxury diving charter in the Andaman Sea and in Komodo National Park or one of the most memorable cultural trip you can dream of, by visiting the tribes of Irian Jaya (Papua), attending the Asmat Art Auction for their tribal art and visiting the remote and rich Spice Islands and discover the trade posts and beautiful islands visited during the height of the Spice Trade.
The Asmat tribe of West Papua, East Indonesia

The Asmat tribe of West Papua, East Indonesia

For beach and sailing, cultural trips or astonishing luxury diving charters in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Komodo National Park or Raja Ampat Island, Indonesia’s Eastern Islands are yours to discover in comfort and safety.
Silolona Phinisi_Silolona1
How much or how little you choose to explore is entirely up to you. What’s clear is that the handcrafted Silolona Phinisi promises to deliver an unforgettable luxury cruise experience.

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