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Living it up like a Moghul ~ Sher Bagh Luxury Tent Resort, Rajasthan, India

August 26, 2009

She Bagh-Ranthambhore-INDIA-sherbagh1

The question on any well-to-do traveler’s mind is not whether to travel, but where and how, and what unique experience is being sought out. The choice of today’s travel experience seems to be limited only by one’s imagination. If you fancy living like a bygone-era Moghul during his many elaborate hunting escapades, you can live it up at Sher Bagh Luxury Tent Retreat in Rajasthan, India.

She Bagh-Ranthambhore-INDIA-tent1She Bagh-Ranthambhore-INDIA-sp_event4
Sher Bagh is the perfect place for those looking for the ultimate in authentic Indian jungle camps. The tents, each with their own little verandah, are arranged in a semi-circle around a garden and tented pavilion, in keeping with their surroundings.
She Bagh-Ranthambhore-INDIA-dining3She Bagh-Ranthambhore-INDIA-boutique1
The spacious, airy main lodge has a sitting area and an excellent library-bar on the upper level, ideal for a quick respite with a cold beer or martini between jungle drives.
She Bagh-Ranthambhore-INDIA-tent3She Bagh-Ranthambhore-INDIA-sherbagh3
The shabby chic style furniture, hand-crafted in rosewood and teak, has been custom-made for the luxury camp. Sher Bagh has 12 luxury double-bedroom tents with their own little verandah and en-suite bathrooms.
She Bagh-Ranthambhore-INDIA-safari2She Bagh-Ranthambhore-INDIA-safari1
The Ranthambhore National Park in south-eastern Rajasthan is amongst the finest places in the world to see wild tigers. The park is named after one of India’s largest and most beautiful forts which stands majestically in the heart of the jungle.
She Bagh-Ranthambhore-INDIA-ranth2
Ruins of Rajput and Mughal cenotaphs, pleasure palaces, watch towers and guard posts are dotted around the park, standing testament to its royal and heroic past.
She Bagh-Ranthambhore-INDIA-location
The Great Mughal Emperor Akbar , fought a battle for control of the fort in 1568. Today, the greatest of the Big Cats, the Tiger, rules Ranthambhore.
Apart from the Tiger, Leopard, Caracal, Civet and Jungle Cats, Sloth Bear, Hyena, Wild Boar, Deer, Antelope, Monkey, Marsh Crocodile and a variety of other animals also roam this unique forest. Home to over 350 species of birds, including a large variety of migrants, from as far off as Europe and Siberia that make it their home during the winter, it is an ornithologist’s paradise.
She Bagh-Ranthambhore-INDIA-sp_event3She Bagh-Ranthambhore-INDIA-dining1She Bagh-Ranthambhore-INDIA-dining2
The food at Sher Bagh is delicious, cooked using freshly picked produce from the camp’s organic vegetable garden. A hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon, or fresh fruit, yogurt and muesli – and of course, the freshly baked bread and home-made marmalade – awaits you after your morning game drive. A quick, light and usually Italian lunch before you set off again and a traditional Indian dinner, on thaalis in the flickering glow of candles and mashaals, after drinks around the campfire. You can also dine, al-fresco, around the fire which is a unique experience at Sher Bagh.
Sher Bagh-safari2
The Sawai Madhopur Sanctuary, part of the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve and contiguous with the National Park has just been opened to visitors. It is a half-hour drive from Sher Bagh, through the town of Sawai Madhopur. We can organize a full-day excursion with picnic lunch or a half-day excursion with tea and sundowners. Great viewing of the shy Indian Gazelle (Chinkara), Bluebull (Nilgai), the big cats and other bird and animal life.
Sher Bagh-safari1
The magnificent 8th century Ranthambhore Fort is situated within the National Park. It is one of India’s largest with a circumference of eight kilometers and was among the most strategic forts in Hindustan during the Mughal period. It has Mughal and Rajput palaces, mosques and temples including an important one dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the Elephant God. Ideal for a half day excursion, exploring the monuments and the Jungle within the Fort. We can, of course, organise a little picnic! 

The old city of Sawai Madhopur, is known for its silver jewelry, various objects made from khus (vetiver) grass, indigenous perfumes and other local craft. It also has some old temples and is worth a visit.
Sher Bagh-special3Sher Bagh-special2She Bagh-Ranthambhore-INDIA-contact
We organize a full day’s horse safari, outside the reserve, with a picnic brunch, and or sundowners, on prior booking. You have a good chance to spot birds, smaller mammals and maybe the occasional herd of Indian antelope. A great way to explore rural Rajasthan.
She Bagh-Ranthambhore-INDIA-ranth1
Around Surwal Lake, you will get a chance to see migratory duck, geese and other birds during the winter season.
She Bagh-Ranthambhore-INDIA-boutique2
The Dastakari Kendra, a local co-operative that provides employment to village women and keeps alive local skills.

Source: Unique Travel Destinations

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