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Bask in luxury at Sasakwa, Sabora, Faru Faru Safari Camps ~ Tanzania

September 5, 2009

By Dian Hasan | September 5, 2009

Singita Game Reserve-TANZANIA-9

The image of Safari and Africa seem to be indelibly etched in our minds. They belong together, and although the continent is as diverse as any other – lest we forget that the magnificent Giza Pyramids, Sphynx, Luxor are in the same continent. As are Casbahs, Roman Ruins in Libya, the natural wonder of Victoria Falls, and massive red devil called Sahara, Italian Art Deco in Addis Abeba, Adobe masterpieces in Mali, and many more. That’s Africa too. Sprawling traffic-clogged metropolises of Los Angeles genre in Johannesburg, Lagos, and Cairo and all. But it’s the safaris that always draw our attention. The interaction between man and animal in glorious open nature, in their native habitat.

Singita Grumeti Reserves is located in Northwestern Tanzania, bordering on the Serengeti National Park on a concession area of 380,000 acres and comprising of three exclusive Safari Lodges: Sasakwa Lodge, Sabora Tented Camp, and Faru Faru Lodge.
Some of the most spectacular sights of wildlife in their most natural of habitats, can be experienced at Singita Grumeti Reserves. The highlight of which must be the migration of thousands of Wildebeest, Zebra and Thompson’s Gazelles as they move through the area.
Singita Game Reserve-TANZANIA-1Singita Game Reserve-TANZANIA-2Singita Game Reserve-TANZANIA-4
The three luxe lodges in Tanzania are distinctively different from each other, yet offer a similar experience of superb quality service in differently appointed lodges.
Singita Game Reserve-TANZANIA-6Singita Game Reserve-TANZANIA-7
The Sasakwa Lodge is decidedly on the more formal side, while theFaru Faru Lodge is bohemian, and the Sabora Tented Camp is rugged, although the term “roughing it” doesn’t belong in any sentence when describing this unforgettable eco-lodges.
Singita Game Reserve-TANZANIA-10Singita Game Reserve-TANZANIA-11
Good design has definitely arrived, and is here to stay. Singita is experimenting with even more avant-garde design as we speak. And more eco-lodges are coming on line. Expect nothing less than unusual. The typical “colonial look” of the past is firmly being left behind. So if that’s what you crave to experience, you’d better hurry. Many existing properties are planned for remodelling. Bringing them into the 21st century, firmly afixing them in “chicdom”.
Singita Game Reserve-TANZANIA-3Singita Game Reserve-TANZANIA-5Singita Game Reserve-TANZANIA-8

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