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Seek your sanctuary at Sanctum Soho. The Rockstars do.

September 6, 2009

By Dian Hasan | September 6, 2009


In London, just like Paris and New York, a new boutique hotel seems to open every week. A new addition to London’s already exciting hotel scene is Sanctum Soho. A sanctuary for everything cool, and rightfully so, owned by Mark Fuller, who has Rock ‘n Roll cred, as Iron Maiden‘s Manager. And now he’s jumped into into hotels. Sanctum Soho is already proving to be attracting Rock Stars and the Models who tail them everywhere they go.


Mark Fuller

Mark Fuller

Marketed as a place where you can “get drunk, smoke on the roof, talk amorously to your girlfriend in the hot tub — and no bouncer is going to tell you off,” it purports to cater to a guest’s every need.
The rooms were designed by Lesley Purcell and feature individually conceived bedrooms ranging from crash pads to vast suites – each based on four different mood themes. There are masculine chocolate browns, streamlined silver, soft pinks, and deep exotic mauve.
Unique to the Sanctum Soho are its Crash Pad rooms, which are just a bit larger than a king-size bed with New York-style wet rooms – they go for £175 a night.

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