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Ecotravel: Greening Your Getaway

September 9, 2009

new-zealand-north-island-deAll the talk of “staycations,” reducing one’s carbon footprint, and the wastefulness of private jet travel are enough induce a guilt attack when one thinks of jetting off to New Zealand to explore Great Mercury Island (see picture) or driving back and forth to a summer house every weekend. But our friends over at The Daily Green have a different take on the impact of travel on the earth’s resources:

“…how do you measure the value of expanding your horizons, gaining knowledge and insight about other places, ecosystems and cultures? The powerful desire to protect tends to follow exploration. Those who have visited an ecotourist hot spot tend to be much more likely to do something to protect it. The debate is similar to criticism of green media, education, entertainment and even celebs who speak out. Since the true value of communication cannot be measured, it becomes difficult to assess the importance of its trade-offs in terms of resource use. However, one could certainly argue that the biggest enemy of the environment is not transportation, coal plants, or some other specific process or problem, but rather apathy and lack of willing to do something about it. Ecotourism can therefore be seen as a powerful force for positive change.”

If you’re looking for ways to green your travel plans or want to talk to other travelers about your experiences at eco-friendly properties, check out these sites and stories:

Source: Town & Country Travel

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