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The Dramatic Desert Landscapes of Namibia

September 11, 2009


Namibia is a country in southern Africa on the Atlantic coast with riveting contradictions. The vast and forbidding landscape is simply out-of-this-world.



These are tourists climbing one of the Sossusvlei dunes, which rise as high as 1,000 feet and cover an enormous area as large as Maryland (along 400 miles of the coast).
Namibia generally attracts eco-tourists with its different climates and natural geographical landscapes such as the great eastern desert, plains and the elephants in Etosha National Park.
The majority of Namibian population is Black African- mostly of the Ovambo ethnicity. There’re also Herero and Himba people, who speak a similar language. The picture displays Himba women in their village outside Opuwo.
Absolutely unbelievable, there are also seals, which lounge very often on boulders at the Cape Cross Seal Reserve</strong> along Namibia’s coast.
Cape Cross Reserve is crowded with seals.

Source: Wayfaring

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