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Riding through Bolivia’s El Camino de la Muerte (Road of Death)

September 13, 2009

By Dian Hasan | September 13, 2009

Yungas Death Road-BOLIVIA-4

What’s fascinating about the world of travel is the quirky facts that would often go unnoticed, be it not for travelers who’ve “discovered” a place and promoted it by word-of-mouth. And it may be something quite random. Like this road in Bolivia. It’s not just any road, as it comes with a price tag: Bolivia’s deadliest! Has claimed more lives than any other road in the country. Welcome to Yungas Road, also known as Bolivia’s Death Road. And now popular as a mountain biking destination for international tourists.

Yungas Death Road-BOLIVIA-1Yungas Road-BOLIVIAYungas Death Road-BOLIVIA-3
The world’s most dangerous road is carved into the sides of the mountains and consists of 70 km of rock. It’s heading from La Paz, the world’s highest capitol (3,660 m), to Coroico (1,200m). There are vertical drops of more than 1,500 feet just off the road and there are no guardrails! The Yungas is a stretch of forest along the eastern slope of the Andes Mountains from southeastern Peru through central Bolivia. It is a transitional zone between the Andean highlands and the eastern forests, and one of the few routes that connects the Amazon rainforest region of northern Bolivia, or Yungas, to its capital city.
Yungas Death Road-BOLIVIA-2Yungas Road-BOLIVIA 2450px-Bolivia_Yunga_RoadYungas Road-BOLIVIA 10
There are many tour companies that offer this bike ride, ranging from $55-$75, depending on the bike and equipment you rant. Yunga Road claims the lives of an average of 150 people annually. So.. trudge only if you dare!!
Yungas Road-BOLIVIA-road-of-death

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