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G-Land, Indo ~ hitting the G-Spot in World-Class Surfing

September 14, 2009


For those in the know, Hawaii is NOT the only world-famous place for surfing. Across the other end of the Pacific, in Indo (that’s surfer speak for Indonesia) has been a secret surfing paradise on every avid surfers radar for years. Famous for her huge consistent waves. Notice the key word here – consistent – not many surf spot on the planet can claim this condition. As such, Indo is virtually a year-round surf destination. G-Land, Uluwatu, Mentawai, Nias, are just some of the famous names in surfing vocabulary. Welcome to G-Land, East Java, the closest thing to paradise on earth… for a surfer that is!

Now, surfers should consider a surfing place in Indonesia named Plengkung or it is known as G-Land. The beach is located at Alas Purwo National Park, Blambangan, Banyuwangi, East Java.

Plengkung or G-Land is a hidden paradise of surfing in Indonesia. It has extreme waves of three to four meters high, very ideal for you to perform your style in surfing. Adroit surfers will really enjoy the wave. International surfing competition had been held at this place. The best time to surf is May – October.
How to get there?

  1. From Banyuwangi to Kalipahit (35 km) by bus, Kalipahit to Pasaranyar (3 km) rent a car or motorcycle, Pasaranyar to Trianggulasi (12 km) by car, Trianggulasi – Pancur – Plengkung (7 km).
  2. Banyuwangi – Benculuk (35 km) by bus, Benculuk – Grajagan (18 km) by bus, Grajakan – Plengkung by speed boat.

Inspiration: Discover Indonesia

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