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Portland ~ North America’s leading human-scale & green city

September 14, 2009

By Dian Hasan | September 14, 2009


Portland, Oregon, holds the commendable title as the most bike-friendly city in the US. A fact that, together with Portland’s entire approach to urban planning, working with and around the natural as well as man-made (read: built) environments, is now featured in a PBS documentary. The PBS series, voiced over by Brad Pitt, , has featured Portland as a city designed to the human scale. Meaning a city which has been built to give you a sense of place.

You are able to walk across a street without getting killed, or feeling like an alien amongst the 6 lanes of cars. Just simple old school European village concepts re-shaped for the modern over crowded world we live in now. And a bike-friendly city where you can commute on your bike with ease as the city has provided special bike-lanes. The most extensive for a major city, passing through an intricate series of urban parks and nature reserves, as well as alongside existing roads. Walking – of course – is highly conducive to enjoying the city that actually listens to their communities on how cities should be planned. In such cities, you can actually hear birds, trees, and… the person next to you.

Inspiration: G Living

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