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Wanna Surf in Ghana?

September 16, 2009

Surfing in GHANA-busua_-_surf_shop.JPGLet’s face it some images simply belong to certain countries. Take surfing, for instance, which instantly is associated with California, Australia, Florida, and Bali. But Ghana? Probably not by a long shot.

But in our globalized world, where sports and leisure activities are picked up and spread globally, no one country has the exclusive right of claiming certain activities and sports any more. So, back to surfing. Are you up to ride some waves in Ghana?

Surfing in GHANA 2
Ghana’s landscape is combination of beaches and reefs which make Ghana a wonderful place for surfers. Set on the Gulf of Guinea, Ghana has a tropical climate, with the combination of perfect waves, warm water and no crowds creates the ideal place for learning how to surf.
Surfing in GHANA
Surf camp Ghana is lies on a 2 km beach in the fishing village of Busua. It is a traditional Ghanaian coastal village, 3-4 hour driving from Accra (the capital city). This tourist destination is providing you with many entertainment options boast some of the nicest beaches in Ghana. Surfing is relatively new to Ghana, but the surf instructors will guide and help you improve your surfing skills.
Surfing in GHANA-sliding_liberia_image_2_high

Source: Unique Travel Destinations

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