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99 Tropical Islands to spoil yourself in. What to do?

September 21, 2009

By Dian Hasan | September 21, 2009


What do you do when you find yourself on vacation at a place with over 99 islands in the sun? Well, if you are in Langkawi, Malaysia which happens to be such a place, there’s plenty to choose from, and it all involves you, the splendid nature around you, and… a little effort on your part. Sum up all those ingredients and you got: Adventure Travel!

Langkawi Trekker-MAL-crystalyachtbox200ISLAND HOPPING/SUNSET CRUISES
Come and cruise the calm and beautiful waters of Langkawi in comfort aboard well-maintained and fully crewed yachts. Watch as the tropical sun dips below the western horizon of the Andaman Sea and paint the skies with magnificent deep oranges and reds. Or relax in on-board salt water Jacuzzi, with cocktail in hand. This is one cruise holiday you’ll cherish forever. Crystal Cruises

Langkawi Trekker-MAL-mangove tour2MANGROVE TOURS
A mangrove tour with all its mud and slimy creatures may not sound too attractive to a city slicker but at the hands of an experienced Langkawi naturalist as a guide, such a trip may just open up a whole new knowledge dimension for you. As a rich ecological buffer zone, the mangrove forest is a complete self sustaining phenomenon. Langkawi Canopy Adventure

Langkawi Trekker-MAL-diving2DIVING & SNORKELING
The seas off Langkawi also offer great diving and snorkelling. Among the best areas to do so is around the Pulau Payar Marine Park. As the only one of its kind on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia, Pulau Payar is a living proof that the busy waters of the north Malacca Straits can sustain rich marine life.

Langkawi Trekker-MAL-jungleJUNGLE TREKKING
Get away from the ordinary and enjoy the pristine forests and verdant jungled labyrinths of the Langkawi islands. Connect and be one with nature. Explore the lush interiors and take-in the unique wildlife and flora of the islands from a different perspective. Put on your hiking shoes, hire a guide or team-up on a horse riding explorer package and have the time of your life here. For horse riding packages check out Langkawi Island Horses, and for Jungle Trekking: Langkawi Canopy Adventure

Langkawi Trekker-MAL-fishingtripboatFISHING
Great fishing has always attracted the avid angler to Langkawi. Many areas around the islands challenge the enthusiast to pit their best skills against those of offered by their elusive dream catch. As a Malay saying goes, ‘ a different field offers different grasshoppers’, and so are the waters around this beautiful island.

Langkawi Trekker-MAL-cycling tourCYCLING TOURS
Bicycles can be hired from a number of outlets throughout the island and many resorts rent them out at reasonable rates to guests. The terrain of the inhabited areas of Langkawi is conducive for cycling. Besides being more environment friendly, quieter and healthier, exploring the island on a bicycle allows you to reach more remote areas easier than driving a car.

Air Trekking involves abseiling, rappelling, climbing, jungle trekking and gliding high above the ground on a cable system resembling a flying fox. The adventure appeals to extreme sports enthusiasts and offers a fantastic adrenalin rush. Made famous by Sean Connery in the movie ‘The Medicine Man’, it is claimed that Langkawi is the second location in the world to have this activity. Langkawi Canopy Adventure

Langkawi Trekker-MAL-kayakingKAYAKING
Langkawi is a great place for kayaking. With the 99 islands located close to each other, kayaking is another way to do your island hopping – at your own pace. Resorts and tour operators offer affordable daily rental of kayaks. Before starting off on your kayak tour check weather conditions and plan your itinerary. Langkawi Canopy Adventure

Source: Malaysia Trekker

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