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Kayaking in idyllic Langkawi, Malaysia

September 21, 2009

By Dian Hasan | September 21, 2009

Kayaking-Langkawi Canopy AdventureAny water-related activity always spells fun. Bring that into an outdoor setting replete with tropical rainforest, meandering through water passageway through thick mangrove… and Voila! You have an adventure on your hands! Kayaking is one way to experience the water from a different vantage point. Malaysia’s idyllic island, Langkawi, shares the same Andaman Sea as its neighbor  to the North, Phuket in Thailand, and offers plenty of options for the adventurer in all of us. Langkawi Canopy Adventure specialist has the right adventure for you.


The tour starts with a brief introduction/practice session into kayaking. After this, the tour will bring the participants into small and narrow mangrove forest canals, leading to secret caves,of which some can be traversed with the kayaks, while others require some jungletrekking in order to be reached.Lunch or dinner will be served at one of the fishfarms.

Duration: 6-7 hours,
Minimum participants: 4 pax, Maximum participants: 7 pax
Minimum age to join: 8 years

The tours is either morning or afternoon, depending on the tides of the day.

Itinerary: the kayaks are towed out to sea where we first visit a‘hong’ – a lagoon only accessible through a sea cave -, after which we paddle/drift up the Kilim river, passing the ‘Hole in The Wall’, following the Kilim river right up to the end, passing/visiting Gua Buaya (Crocodile Cave) and drifting back to fish farm for  lunch/dinner.

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