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Take a walk in the clouds. On this bridge you could.

September 21, 2009

By Dian Hasan | September 21, 2009

the sky bridge

There are canopy tours all across the world, where you can walk on suspended walkways and bridges around and above trees to appreciate the beauty of the canopy.  This type of adventure travel is available from Australia to Zambia, or so it seems. But very few canopy tours can match this spectacular air bridge on Langkawi Island in Malaysia, that raises the bar on experiencing tree canopies. Welcome to a meeting of man-made bridge technology and nature’s splendor… in the sky. So take a walk in the clouds! Sky Bridge

This sky bridge spans a gorge on Langkawi Island, Malaysia, the largest of 99 islands that make up the Langkawi Archipelago in the Andaman Sea that it shares with Thailand’s Phuket Island to the North.

Let’s get some dimensions to ponder about: the bridge is 136 yards long and 2 yards wide, curving out around a single, 95-yard support column that is held up by 8 load-balancing cables. When in the front of the bridge, you are standing 2,300 feet above sea level (687 meters).

Langkawi Sky Bridge 2.jpg

Langkawi Sky Bridge 3.jpg

Langkawi Sky Bridge 4.jpg

Langkawi Sky Bridge 5.jpg

Langkawi Sky Bridge 6.jpg

Langkawi Sky Bridge 1.jpg

It’s suspended at 687 meters above sea level, offering magnificent views of the Andaman Sea and Thailand’s Tarutao Island. Breathtaking views await from the bridge, its curves provide different perspectives of the landscapes. A sight to behold, this spectacle provides all the adrenaline rush you need, without going into extremes, and risking yourself.

sky bridge
The ride up is just as interesting, via a cable car ride all the way to the platform in the sky. On certain days, you will experience hills shrouded in mist. Truly an unique travel experience in the tropics, which is seldom experienced without going to the length of a real jungle trek.

Langkawi Cable Car-MAL-3Langkawi Cable Car-MAL-suspension-bridge-02
Langkawi Cable Car-MAL-4Langkawi Cable Car-MAL-7
Langkawi Cable Car-MAL-MainLangkawi Cable Car-MAL-2Langkawi Cable Car-MAL-top-of-mount-mat-chinchang-on-langkawi-island-mal852Langkawi Cable Car-MAL-6bridge malaysia

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