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Eco Rustic ~ Kamu Lodge, Luang Prabang, Laos

September 25, 2009

By Dian Hasan | September 24, 2009

2.5 hours from Luang Prabang may seem like a long road to nowhere. But on the left bank of the Mekong River you will find 20 Safari Tents that is KAMU ECO LODGE. Each tent has the modern amenity of an en-suite bathroom, so roughing it isn’t all that bad.  Kamu is furnished in bamboo and rattan, using local artisans. The view from your balcony affords you a view of the river.

Access to the lodge is by a private boat – a two and a half hour ride upstream through glorious scenery from Luang Prabang.

Kamu Eco Lodge-Luang Prabang-LAOS- 2

Kamu Lodge was conceived to recreate an authentic Laotian village life

Kamu Lodge-Luang Prabang-LAOS-6

Rice fields in the area. Rice cultivation is central to village life in South East Asia.

Kamu Lodge-Luang Prabang-LAOS-2

Kamu Lodge's idyllic setting.

Kamu Eco Lodge-Luang Prabang-LAOS- 1

Green, organic lifestyle. Just another day at the farm.

The safari tents are mounted on semi-permanent bamboo platforms with thatched roofs. And all are fitted with solar powered electricity and hot water. Beds are comfortable and the rooms are well lit, with private balconies surrounded by forest and the river banks.

Kamu Lodge-Luang Prabang-LAOS-7

An individual tent with all the modern convenience.

A number of excellent excursions are included in the price. In- house activities include rice farming, fishing, gold panning, Laos archery and interesting tours of the local village. More adventurous excursions include treks to caves and waterfalls and tribal villages. The staff will also teach you about medicinal plants in the forest.

Kamu Eco Lodge-Luang Prabang-LAOS- 3

Learning about rice cultivation. An age-old tradition of farming across much of South East Asia

The lodge is built next to a small Kamu village with close and harmonious ties between the two. The lodge is run in a sensitive and eco friendly way, protecting and enriching the village people. Nestled in a beautiful area, with lush paddy fields, a dramatic mountainous backdrop and the mighty river below.

The lodge is perfect for anyone interested in getting a taste of rural life in Laos or a voyage on the mighty Mekong River. It is a very peaceful place, ideal for relaxing and taking it easy. Food is served where you choose – either on your balcony or in the riverside restaurant. All meals and soft drinks are included in the price and organic ingredients are used.

The staff are key to the success of the lodge. Sourced from local villages they inject their warm and friendly personalities to give a very welcoming and engaging atmosphere to the entire project.

Kamu Lodge can also be visited as an extra night stop on the Luang Say cruise following the initial night stop in Pak Beng.

Kamu Lodge-Luang Prabang-LAOS-1

Tents are placed inside existing traditional huts with thatch roofs. Double the fun!

Kamu Lodge-Luang Prabang-LAOS-4

Nature at its best. The area surrounding Kamu Lodge.

Kamu Lodge-Luang Prabang-LAOS-5

Meals can be enjoyed either in the privacy of your own balcony or in the Lodge's Restaurant

Kamu Eco Lodge-LAOS-Responsible Tourism

Enriching the life of the Community is an integral part of Kamu Lodge.

Kamu Eco Lodge is committed to Responsible Tourism efforts, by positively and directly impacting the community’s livelihood, working towards alleviating poverty, The mission is two-fold, encourage people to preserve their local culture and traditions while imparting sustainable skills for their benefit. It is this cultural heritage that travelers want to experience, and are drawn to learn more about.
Kamu Eco Lodge-LAOS-Responsible Tourism 2
Kamu Eco Lodge-LAOS-Responsible Tourism-MAP

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