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Green & Chic ~ Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, New South Wales (NSW), Australia

September 25, 2009

Australia is one of a handful of countries at the forefront of green buildings and green architecture. From alternative energy to organic food and tent structures using the latest light-weight materials.

With its vast land mass, and so little people, there’s plenty of nature to draw inspiration from. What’s exciting for the world of travel is this green approach is being practiced by the country’s hospitality industry. Here’s a look at Australia’s new breed of eco-hotels: Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa ~ New South Wales.

Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa isn’t slated to open until October 2009, but it’s already making waves as an ultra-luxe eco-responsible resort.  It will feature 40 free-standing suites nestled between two national parks. built within a world heritage area. The hotel is located in Wolgan Valley, about three hours from Sydney.

Suites offer private decks and pools. Activities in the area include Aboriginal interpretive tours, nature walks, AWD wildlife safaris and horse riding.

Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa-NSW-OZ-1Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa-NSW-OZ-2Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa-NSW-OZ-3Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa-NSW-OZ-4Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa-NSW-OZ-5

Some of the green credentials of the Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa include rainwater collection, full domestic water recycling, heat exchangers, solar heated water, over 100 solar panels for electricity and wind powered water pumps. 

Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa is part of the Emirates hotel and resorts group. Reservations are being accepted for stays starting on October 1st, and rooms start at A$1,490 (about US$1250).

Source: Unique Travel Destinations

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