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Green & Chic ~ Hotel de Lareche, Atacama Desert, Chile (1 of 2)

October 2, 2009

By Dian Hasan | September 30, 2009

Explora Atacama-Hotel de Larache-CHILE 6There must be something in the Chilean air, as of late there has been nothing but great things coming out of the design world from the world’s narrowest country. Long before the entire world went ga ga over the importance of being green, fueling the green movement of today, Chile has been putting to practice green buildings.

After all with a diverse landscape as theirs, from the dry Atacama Desert and Salt Plains of the north, to Patagonia in the south and remote Rapa Nui (Easter Island), there’s no shortage of inspiration. Cool lodging have been steadily coming on stream. And along comes Hotel de Larache, sitting in what is Chile’s answer to the American Southwest. And what a gem of a hotel this is!

Proudly coming from the hands of Chilean Adventure Travel Specialist Explora that has created the luxe sanctuaries of Hotel Salto Chico (Explora Patagonia) in Patagonia, and Pousada de Mike Rapu (Explora Mike Rapu) in Easter Island. Three distinctively different experiences, with more to come. Next stop for Explora? Peru.

Explora Hotel in Atacama Desert, Northern Chile invites travelers to take put life to a pause. This hotel wears cool architecture and design on its sleeve.  With such inviting spaces you’d wonder whether you’d ever want to leave such comfort, especially after the long journey of getting there.

But who could ignore the stunning landscape outside your window?  The hotel encourages guests to venture out experience the natural and cultural richness and return each night knowing they are coming back to their very own private sanctuary. For a promise of a good night’s sleep. A very good one at that!

Built on the Ayllú (neighborhood) de Larache in San Pedro de Atacama, Explora en Atacama is a small town built around a tree patio. Rooms are lined up with corridors opening to a patio. Corridors meet in the main building, crossed by two ample passages; the Pasaje del Sol and the Pasaje del Agua. Architecture evokes the nature and culture of Atacama.

San Pedro de Atacama is a cultivated oasis of  34,000 acres, inhabited for over 2,000 years. The hotel takes some distance from existing settlements so as to offer complete privacy and seclusion. It also has pre-Colombian style of the structures in a town without the use of streets.

Explora Atacama-Hotel de Larache-CHILE 8
The hotel buildings are a sequence of interior and exterior places, where the public and the private are not clearly defined and therefore the fuse into one another.
Explora Atacama-Hotel de Larache-CHILE 1

Guest rooms are raised above ground to afford views of the stunning mountains and horizons beyond. The interiors are very soft, and are easy on the eyes after a long day in the sun. The broken lines and forms of the structures give life to things.

Explora Atacama-Hotel de Larache-CHILE each room has marvelous wood and tile accents, fabolous linens, custom-designed furnishing and spectacular viewsExplora Atacama-Hotel de Larache-CHILE-A cool and spacious lobby which exemplifies Explora's luxurious, yet simple style.Explora Atacama-Hotel de Larache-CHILE-photo Dr.K Ong

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  1. November 23, 2009 5:40 pm

    Hotel Papigo Royal Palace is situated in Papigo and overviews a fabulous view on the famous Astraka 2436m,and Gamila mountain 2497m,Zagoria,Greece.


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