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Infinity Pool Galore ~ Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia, Caribbean

October 3, 2009

By Dian Hasan | October 2, 2009

Ever since the infinity pool made its debut at hotels, it was declared as a “must have” accessory for any hotel to be taken seriously. And its clear that upscale hotels and resorts seem the more likely place to find them. They have definitely found their home in small boutique properties.

So while at most of the world’s fine hotels you’d find one or two, at this luxe resort in St. Lucia in sunny Caribbean, the infinity pool is the focal point. They’ve placed one in each room. I beg your pardon, make that luxury villa! Jade Mountain, St. Lucia.

Jade Mountain‘s ensuite infinity pools are not accoutrements, but primary elements of the building’s design. With sizes ranging from 400 to 900 square feet, the design of each pool is unique both in colour and shape. The infinity pools are meant to serve as organic components in each suite, as well as in the building as a whole; their sizes increase in relation to the different square footage of the three different room categories; SUN, MOON and STAR.

All pools feature shallow water lounging areas in addition to a large swimming area. They have been surfaced entirely in one-of-a-kind glass tiles, which have been specifically designed for Jade Mountain. The glass tiles feature a sophisticated, textured iridescent surface on one side and a smooth but undulating surface on the other.

Each of the infinity pools has its own individually designed glass tile color scheme which is then carried on into the individual bathrooms, giving each suite its own unique – and rather bold – personality. The glass tile texture is complex in reflective and prismatic ways with each piece of tile unique due to their custom hand crafted fabrication.

The infinity pools are equipped with fibre optics to illuminate them at night. Guests have the option of allowing the system to cycle through a range of colours or setting it to one particular shade.

The water in Jade Mountain‘s infinity pools is purified by a highly sophisticated system, the primary mechanical filtration being through a zeolite sand filter and with the primary sterilization being ozone. Each pool receives individually filtered and sterilized water, and pool water cycles through the sterilization and filtration facilities approximately six times per day.

Jade Mountain was conceived as a place in which guests would be exposed to a carefully orchestrated sensory experience. The infinity pools are integral to this. As a visual element, water flowing over a vanishing edge serves to draw the view into the room, linking the view with water, and water with sky and land, sun and stars.

Source: Unique Travel Destinations

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