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Color me pretty, hotels are going the candy-color route (1 of 2)

October 16, 2009

By Dian Hasan | October 15, 2009

Colorful Candy 1Hotels have been the recipients of design world’s attention for quite some time. Knowing full well that hotels are among the most public of buildings and travelers are known to develop emotional bonds (and brand loyalty) with their favorite hotel, designers and hoteliers have been busy re-inventing the hotel experience through good design. Involving others from the creative community: graphic designers, sculptors, furniture designers, musicians, fashion designers, feng shui specialists, among others. Adding a dose of personality and character in the process. End result: hotels that are hip, stylish, chic… au courant!

Designer hotels have been around for the last two decades, and today virtually every major city across the world has a variation of a (mostly small) hotel with a design statement. So after boutique design hotels have conquered the world, and chain hotels themselves are creating new niches of their own boutique hotels, what’s next?

Using color to make a difference and create a unique brand identity seems to be catching on. And it’s not just a dash of subtle colors, but the loud, neon, candy-color kind. Involving big names like Karim Rashid who extended his love for shocking colors to a small hotel in Athens, Greece. The name? Fresh. Appropos indeed! Here are other “Fresh” approaches that are making a “Splash” around the world. (click on each picture to find out where, click here for part 2 of the story)

Adam & Eve Hotel-Antalya-TURKEY 3CitiChic-Bangkok-TH 1Radisson SAS-Rome-ITALY Neon Bright Exterior 1Habita DF-Mexico City-MEXICO 1Limes Hotel-Brisbane-OZ 1 ARadisson SAS-Rome-ITALY Neon Bright Exterior 2Fresh Hotel-Athens-GREECE 1Lanchid 19-Budapest-HUNGARY 10Hillside Su Hotel-Antalya-TURKEY 2G Hotel-Galway-IER 1 AGansevoort Hotel-NYC 1Fresh Hotel-Athens-GREECE 4Hotel Puerta América-Madrid-SPAIN 2Básico-Playa del Carmen-MEXICO 1Apostrophe Hotel Paris 10Andel PragueHillside Su Hotel-Antalya-TURKEY 1Adam & Eve-TURKEY 10Deseo-Playa del Carmen-MX 1Lanchid 19-Budapest-HUNGARY 11Gallery Hotel-SINGAPORE 2Andaz West Hollywood-LA 1 AHotel Fox-Copenhagen-DENMARK Exterior

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