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Sleek & Chic ~ La Cour des Augustins, Geneva, Switzerland

December 9, 2009

By Dian Hasan | December 8, 2009

It’s clear that microfine travel niche markets across the world are being pursued by hoteliers. Hip and funky new boutique hotels are no longer the exclusive domain of New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, Tokyo, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin.

Popping up in uncommon places that are not immediately associated with hipness. Such as Geneva in Switzerland.

Geneva_CH_La Cour des Augustins Hotel 4

La Cour des Augustins, a boutique/gallery/design hotel, not far from the center of town. Because it also functions as a boutique that sells lamps, glassware, and objets d’art, it does not feel like a hotel, but a curated art gallery with funky furniture. The rooms are spacious and filled with light, with all the conveniences you expect: wireless Internet access, TV, iPod docks. Many visitors to Geneva end up staying in one of the historic grand hotels. That’s fine for bankers, but if you want something contemporary and smaller in scale, where service is personal, attentive but unobtrusive, La Cour des Augustins is ideal. The only drawback about staying in this hotel is that it is not quite in the center near the Rue du Rhône. You have to walk about 15 minutes or take the tram.

Geneva_CH_La Cour des Augustins Hotel 2Geneva_CH_La Cour des Augustins Hotel 5Geneva_CH_La Cour des Augustins Hotel 6Geneva_CH_La Cour des Augustins Hotel 1Geneva_CH_La Cour des Augustins Hotel 7Geneva_CH_La Cour des Augustins Hotel 8Geneva_CH_La Cour des Augustins Hotel 3Geneva_CH_La Cour des Augustins Hotel 9

Source: Unique Travel DestinationsMapplr

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