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Planned F1 & Ferrari Theme Parks in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

February 25, 2010

By Dian Hasan | February 24, 2010

Tourism is a global multibillion dollar industry, recognized as the largest service industry in the world.  It is also considered an industry with the greatest reach of multiplier effect. To borrow a verse from a children’s nursery rhyme “… the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker…” is an apt analogy to describe the breadth of this industry, touching everything from basic infrastructure, education, hospitality, food & beverage, security, IT, aviation, to the corner convenience store, souvenir stall and beach-side coconut seller…  and a plethora of other sectors. Each one impacted by tourism.

Enter the world of branding, and tourism takes on a whole new meaning. World-renowned brands can re-enter the stage in a completely different format. And when they’re linked to tourism project, especially of massive scales, the result could potentially promise to be a major attraction (and new reason to add allure to a travel destination). Such is the hope of the Emirates of Abu Dhabi in putting together a world-class theme park that combines the strength and mystique of FERRARI, the red-hot Italian marque. Welcome Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, slated for opening in 2011.

Of course given the current global recession and the real estate problems that has hit Dubai hard, it’s any body’s guess whether Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s F1 Theme Park will open as scheduled. The anticipation though, is building up, no doubt!

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