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Lake Furnas Villas ~ surprising architectural boxes in Azores, Portugal

May 20, 2010

By Dian Hasan | February 24, 2010

Portugal’s Azores Islands have always been associated with beautiful nature in its most pristine state. But good design, especially when it comes to Hotels, is seldom mentioned in the same sentence as Azores.

Furnas Lake Villas which is located onbegs to differ. A collection of 10 villas, near Furnas lake, that take an interesting take on modern hotel architecture. Liberal use of natural materials, boxy structures made of local cedar wood standing atop a man-made pond. A bucolic setting in the midst of verdant gardens, a pool area, and views to die for, Furnas Lake Villas are truly a peaceful retreat in the Azores.

Designed by Portuguese architect duo Luís Almeida E Sousa & Fernando Jorge Monteiro, Lake Furnas Villas was completed in 2004, and celebrates harmony between man-made structure and the immediate environment.

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