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Sleek & Chic | Riad dar Sabri, Nabuel, Tunisia

June 7, 2010

By Dian Hasan | June 5, 2010

In the little town of Nabuel, Tunisia, that is known for its pottery and stone carvers, there is a new kid in town that’s been making waves through its contemporary design language. Riad Dar Sabri, demonstrates that Morocco does not hold monopoly for boutique hotels that ooze unique design personality.

Riad Dar Sabri was renovated in 2009  and is now proud to show the world its new look. Located about 40 miles from the capital, Tunis, along the Hammamet gulf coast, Riad Dar Sabri makes for an excellent alternative to all inclusive hotels, which have dotted the Tunisian resort landscape of late.

Housed in the heart of the medina, Riad Dar Sabri features Tunisian Art, with the traditional tadelakt, or the stone of Dar Chaâbane El Fehri that frames the doors. A perfect fusion of East and West style, the riad offers blown glasses by Tarek Kamoun, an artist trained in Murano, Italy.

The owner of the Riad Dar Sabri mixes with that same ease influences and styles from his dual heritage Belgian-Tunisian. The hotel’s 4 suites have exquisite hand-embroidered bed linen by Mariem Besbes, designer of Hermes shawls. Chic to the smallest detail, Riad Dar Sabri brings other design names to the forefront, Kenzo in the bathroom, Bang & Olufsen for flat screen TV, Aleppo soap, and Tadé products.

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