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Sleek & Chic | Neve Tzedek Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel

August 26, 2010

A Mediterranean city that has secretly making waves in the “hip and cool” and suddenly is giving Barcelona – the de rigueur Mediterranean city of cool – a run for its money, is Tel Aviv.

For discerning Architectural buffs, Israel’s main city has long been known as one of the finest repositories of Bauhaus Architecture, introduced in the 1920s and 1930s by German Jewish architects who settled in Palestine after the rise of the Nazis. Tel Aviv’s White City, around the city center, contains more than 5,000 Modernist-style buildings inspired by the Bauhaus school and Le Corbusier. Construction of these buildings, later declared protected landmarks and, collectively, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some 3,000 buildings were created in this style between 1931 and 1939 alone.

Of special interest is Tel Aviv’s Neve Tzedek area located, south of the city. A meeting place for artists, nicknamed Little Paris in the 1920’s, this “village in the city” is full of surprises at the detour of the narrow alleys and reveals its Mediterranean style both in its architecture, with its low houses in warm colors and in air with the scent of orange and olive that you can breathe. A stroll through the alleys of Neve Tzedek is a real journey back in time.

Shops of crafts, jewelry, pottery, art galleries and exhibitions, a cultural and renowned art center (Suzanne Dellah), cafes and restaurants associated with trendy bobos, Neve Tzedek is an artsy neighborhood indeed.

In the heart of this mix of modernity and authenticity, a few steps from the sea, is the Hotel Neve Tzedek. The two brothers behind the project belong to one of the oldest families of the area. Golan Dor (owner of a restaurant and a wine shop in Tel Aviv) has partnered with his brother Tommy Ben-David, designer.

From their alliance is born this jewel of hospitality, luxury and design which only offers 5 suites with private garden. Each room is unique even if all have one thing in common, the alliance considered as sweet of modernism and charming authenticity through objects scattered here and there. The flat roof, the radiant light, with its deck and outdoor jacuzzi will delight the collectors of unforgettable sights. A rare gem in Tel Aviv.

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