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Sleek & Chic | Dhoni Private Island Resort & Luxe “Dhoni” Yacht, Maldives

August 27, 2010

There are those with money, and then there are those with serious money! The latter crowd (and the discerning few of the hollywood, corporate moghuls and rock n roll type) may be enticed to splurge on some decadent indulgence on the ultimate hideaway… your own private island and luxe yacht in glorious Maldives.

Dhoni Private Island Resort is situated on the Ari Atoll of the Maldives, south-west of the capital Malé.

Very few places on the planet (with the exception of Bali probably) can surpass the offering by Dhoni Private Island Resort and Luxe “Dhoni” Yacht in the Maldives.

Luxurious villas await at the island, whenever you leave your Dhoni sail boat and venture on land.

A “Thakuru” (private butler in Maldivian language) is at your service 24 hours to your every whim, regardless how outrageous. If you must ask about the price – chances are you can’t afford it (that’s what a famous author once said!) – US$ 2,000/day, or US$18,000 for the entire island!

The magnificent “Dhoni” private yacht, that brings the island experience to new luxe heights.

The few lucky guests at this exclusive resort have the option of staying on land or sea, or both, as the resort features six beach bungalows that are each partnered with a stunning Dhoni (a 65-foot traditional Maldivian sailboat). Each Dhoni is furnished differently, and comes with her own crew.

The fully air-conditioned sail boats feature king-size beds, Frette linen, and Philippe Starck fittings in the bathroom. In-cabin entertainment includes 20” LCD televisions and Bose DVD players. The resort’s “wherever and whatever” philosophy allows you to choose where and when you dine, sleep or play. Sheer indulgence!

And if the amenities at sea seem less relaxing, the Sen Spa awaits on land, at the resort. In addition to a restaurant and bar. Making it all a perfect getaway!

The sumptuously-appointed “Dhoni” private yacht, that comes with each villa.

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