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Sleek & Chic | Labriz Silhouette Hotel, Seychelles

August 27, 2010

Long renowned for her beaches dotted with giant boulders, Seychelles is an archipelago of tropical isles that is often overshadowed by her more famous neighbor, Maldives. Unlike Maldives however, that is a collection of small atolls, Seychelles’ lush and mountainous islands have more akin to Southeast Asia.

Labriz Silhouette resort is located along a 5-km stretch of powder soft beach. Silhouette, Seychelles’ third largest island rises from an expanse of translucent Indian Ocean, with pristine beaches and slopes covered in lush tropical forest.

A fusion of Bali-stye villas with private plunge pools and open air pavilions, strewn across manicured lawns and lush landscaping.

Labriz’ Destination Spa, Aquum Spa, a host of fine dining choices and water sport activities complete the experience of an idyllic and luxurious tropical hideaway.

The luxury Ocean Pavilion [L] features a sundeck that opens out to a private plunge pool, overlooking azure waters of the Indian Ocean.

Exquisite treatments await at Aquum Spa, in individual rooms built around Seychelles famous massive boulders, overlooking the calm and quiet of the Indian Ocean.

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