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Green & Chic | Villa Eudaimôn, Kuta Beach, Lombok, Indonesia [2]

August 29, 2010

In the shadows of its immediate neighbor, the world famous Bali, Lombok is making strides of its own. Positioning itself as everything from Bali’s alternative to a much quieter version of Bali of bygone years… regardless the reason, Lombok is an island destination with a flavor of its own.

The hotel scene has seen more newcomers in the past few years, expanding the accommodation choice across the island. Mainly focusing on the smaller, more intimate boutique properties, ranging from eco-oriented inns to sumptuous villas that cater to the well heeled.

Villa Eudaimôn is a luxury property that combines the two ideas well. If the name sounds intriguing, it was coined by its owner, French film maker Pierre-Emmanuel Barthes, and translates to “happy life” in ancient Greek.

Villa Eudaimôn, overlooks the magnificent Kuta beach, Lombok, is a haven with just 3 rooms, 1 bedroom in the Master Villa with a king-size four-poster bed, and 2 other rooms in the Guest Villa. Each villa comes with its own pool, the Guest Villa’s pool is a short stroll in a natural garden setting.

Life in Lombok remains very traditional and the natural beauty of the area remains untouched. The perfect setting for full relaxation!

Intrigued by galloping in paradise? For a truly unique experience, the horse-lover owner Pierre [seen here left], offers 4 horses to explore the unspoiled beaches and natural life of Sasak villages. The horses are well-trained and equipped (with French and German saddles brands).

Leave it to the French for a touch of style, the Villas are furnished with an eclectic mix of Indonesian furniture and art objects, and the owner’s private collection of Persian rugs, exquisite china, silverware, fine linen, Vietnamese silk kimonos (original movie props from the Anglo-French movie “Indochine”starring Catherine Deneuve).

Colorful Indonesian ornaments and cushions contrasted with the crisp white sheets and cream walls. Bathrooms with luxurious towels, fluffy bathrobes and Ethiq bath products. All done in “de bon goût” (good taste)!

Villa Eudaimôn‘s eco-approach to tourism, includes: solar-powered energy, spring water, and a full local workforce in building and maintenance the villa. You could say it’s a little French “joie de vivre” with respect for the integrity of the environment.

According to their website:

Ethics and Tourism: According to the concepts of the Ecotourism Charter, Eudaimôn has made the ethical choice to equip its bungalows with solar energy, to fuel its taps with spring water and to grow vegetable without pesticides. The kind of architecture that has been chosen utilizes natural materials found in abundance on the island : wood and stone.

At Villa Eudaimôn, we tried to always involve the local population in all phases of the construction or operation rather than using outside firms as happens too often. Our approach brings greater benefits to the local population. Eudaimôn will allow you a real immersion in the Sasak culture.

Rates for the Master Villa include staff, a driver & a car for the entirety of their stay so tours and trips are easy to arrange and this chic retreat has 4 horses on which guests can explore the beautiful area.

Kuta Beach and the surrounding area offers some stunning coastline and is a surfing mecca for those seeking more challenging swells than Bali’s. Guests can also try their hand at snorkeling, jetskiing, diving & kite-surfing and the reef is great for fishing. Alternatively guests can sit back and watch the ocean from one of Eudaimôn‘s two swimming pools.

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