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Eco Chic | Azúcar Resort, Veracruz, Mexico

September 20, 2011

If it’s a hotel, it hails from Mexico, and has the name Habita stamped on it… it must be a hip property! Grupo Habita, a hotel group founded by duo Carlos Couturier and Moises Micha, was born in 2000 with the opening of their first boutique property, Habita, in Polanco District of Mexico City. Clean lines, modern furniture, personalized service, rooftop pool and lounge area, happening scene… The small boutique hotel attracted the young and beautiful crowd, and made Habita an over night sensation. Marking the arrival of the boutique hotels in Mexico. And Couturier and Micha became inseparable trademark names.

Fast forward one decade, and today there are 10 Habita hotels spread across Mexico, each one unique, with its own personality, in diverse locations from the mountains to the ocean. And 2011 saw Habita’s first property outside Mexico, Hôtel Americano in Chelsea, NYC.

Azúcar is the laidback beach resort for the chic set. The hotels is located in Veracruz state and was designed by Carlos Couturier, Elias Adam, Jose Robredo.

The design is a mixture of elegance and a fashion with nature and the hotel consist 20 low-lying withewashed palapas (bungalows) each topped with a thatched roof and having a private terrace overlooking the stunning beach of Mexico. Just one look is enought to feel the airy and breezy atmosphere.

The red-cedar woodwork in the private spaces comes from driftwood collected from the beach. Public spaces are largely open-air, like the relaxing biblioteca(library) where guests can lounge in wicker chairs or on pinkpillows under jug lamps hanging from an open thatched ceiling, or an outdoor spa that features a yoga space and spa services.

Visitors can take a dip in a funky pool with sunbleached pink beanbags, and can have a dinner at almost cartoon-like colourless furniture in the hotel’s sugar-white restaurant. This hotel offsets its luscious surroundings, but it’s like a sweet treat that keeps you coming back for more.

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