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Glamping | Aman-I-Khas, Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, India

September 20, 2011

First impressions are always the deepest. As you enter Aman-I-Khás compound, you come upon a vista that is straight out of Mughal India, as if you’ve been invited to partake in a lavish Maharaja’s Hunting Trip.

To call these tents is of course an understatement. Think of them as floating pavilions made of silk. They are sizable, set on a raised concrete plinth measuring 12m x 12m. The covered area totals 108 square meters- the size of a small apartment. The layout of Tent’s is simplicity itself, though it has taken the genius of Kuala Lumpur-based French Architect Jean-Michel Gathy of Denniston International to conceive it. The entry is through a screened area that contains a dining table with chairs and an armchair. Beyond lies an oversized daybed at the tent’s center, the canopy soaring to a whopping six meters. A soothing coffee and cream scheme runs through the accommodation.

The sprawling camp reveals itself. There are 13 tents, 10 for guests, and a tent each for lounging, spa treatments and dining. The accent is clearly on an enhanced experience, rather than volumes. Aman-I-Khás does not scream style, and the tents blend seamlessly with the grassland setting. All this makes it incredibly stylish, of course. A path through the brush leads to a man-made reservoir where birds and deer may be viewed. The tents are the genuine articles, made with thick, water-proof canvas. Only the base and steel frame are permanent. In the blistering summers, the rest is packed away. So you can pretend you’re camping, without compromising on comfort.

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