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Eco Rustic | Haramara Yoga Retreat, Nayarit, Mexico

September 24, 2011

Haramara Retreat is an exclusive and idyllic 12-acre resort located on the Pacific Ocean in an area known as Riviera Nayarit. Yogi Rodney Yee describes Haramara as “a sanctuary for the soul” where you can find relaxation, physical rejuvenation, growth and spiritual refreshment.

“HARAMARA” is a sacred Huichol Indian word meaning “Mother Sea” – the source of everything. Haramara is a place of beauty, tranquility and elegant simplicity, where nature itself seems to be in a state of meditation and you can relax, grow and rejuvenate.

Known for their holistic approach to luxury, Haramara Retreat prides itself on its return to society’s fundamentals and their departure from modern accoutrements. As such, the entire property is illuminated by the soft glow of lamp light and has parted from the tedious demands of the electronic age. To continue with this holistic approach, the retreat has perfected the art of gourmet vegetarian cuisine and has created an eclectic and creative menu featuring memorable dishes from world class gourmet chefs. Haramara is a truly magical place where the jungle meets the ocean and people find themselves.

Haramara Retreat can easily be reached by a 40 minute drive from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport via retreat shuttle, rental car, bus, or taxi.

Haramara Retreat was built with utmost integrity and the least possible impact on the land and ecosystem and may be the only retreat center in the world built entirely by hand, using only traditional methods and materials that have been used here for a thousand years. Under the dedicated direction of master natural builder Chuck Pelletier and Sajeela, a whole team of highly skilled workers, artists and dreamers tenderly designed and crafted the fantasy of Haramara to reflect, not dominate, the local jungle.

Sajeela was adamant that no large machinery would desecrate this Huichol-blessed land. The result was an organic ambience that reflects this peace and respect – retaining its “virginal state of being” and natural magic for you with integrity, elegance, and stunning beauty. We believe that this, and the integrity of the founders’ vision, is why the “magic of Haramara” is here to be felt so strongly.

A view from the patio overlooking the bay. Photo: Kate McCulley

A hammock to laze around and take in the natural beauty at Harmara Retreat. Photo: Kate McCully

The beach around Sayulito near Haramara Retreat. Photo: Kate McCully

Organic food is the staple at Haramara Retreat. Photo: Kate McCully

Inspiration: Brenda’s Wedding Blog, Adventurous Kate, Lauri Ashworth, A Million Little Reasons, Nourish Retreats

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